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Electric car training

Professional & Technical Training

From programmes that expand your portfolio of skills to specialist courses that provide professional accreditation, we have all the professional and technical training you need to help your business grow.

Industry Accreditations


Automotive & Motorsport

Course TitleDurationAvailable Day(s)Cost
AOM 012 for use with MET Re-Accreditation1 Day(s)Tue£90.00
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Diagnosis, Testing & Repair - Level 43 Day(s)Wed, Thur, Fri£760.00
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle System Repair & Replacement - IMI Level 32 Day(s)Thur, Fri£545.00
F-GAS Automotive Refrigerant Handling - IMI Level 33 Day(s)Fri£235.00
IMI Accreditation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration (AOM 230)2 Day(s)Tue, Wed£545.00
IMI Accreditation Electric Vehicle Technician1 Day(s)Tue£415.00
IMI Accreditation Electric Vehicle Technician Training Day1 Day(s)Mon£190.00
IMI Accreditation for use with Panel Re-Accreditation (AOM 032)1.5 Hr(s)Tue, Wed, Thur£90.00
IMI Accreditation Four Wheel Alignment (AOM 012)1 Day(s)Mon£340.00
IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection Full Route (Pre-MOT Level 3)2 Day(s)Mon, Tue, Wed£575.00
IMI Accreditation Rectify Vehicle Misalignment for BSI 10125 C8 (AOM 032)1.5 Hr(s)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur£185.00
IMI Accreditation Senior MET Familiarisation Day1 Day(s)Mon£190.00
IMI Accreditation Senior MET Full Route2 Day(s)Thur, Fri£795.00
IMI Accreditation Senior MET Re-Accreditation1 Day(s)Tue, Wed£405.00
IMI Accreditation Senior Paint Full Route2 Day(s)Mon, Tue£795.00
IMI Accreditation Senior Paint Re-Accreditation1 Day(s)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur£485.00
IMI Accreditation Senior Panel Full Route3 Day(s)Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri£1,190.00
IMI Accreditation Senior Panel Re-Accreditation2 Day(s)Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri£795.00
MOT Annual Assessment CPD (Class 3, 4, 5 & 7)3.5 Hr(s)Tue, Wed£95.00
MOT New Tester (Class 4 & 7)1 Wk(s)Mon - Fri£640.00
MOT Test Centre Management2 Day(s)Wed, Thur, Fri£440.00
B&FC for Business

On course to support your business, the B&FC for Business team is here to partner with your organisation to deliver the expert training to help your business thrive.

Computing & Digital Technologies

Course TitleDurationAvailable Day(s)Cost
CCNA31 Day(s)By arrangement£280.00


Course TitleDurationAvailable Day(s)Cost
Achievement Measurement 23 Day(s)By arrangement£865.00
Achievement Measurement 2e3 Day(s)Tue - Thur£875.00
Achievement Measurement 2s3 Day(s)Tue - Thur£875.00
ACS Commercial to Domestic Change Over Assessment1 Day(s)By arrangement£285.00
ACS Commercial to Domestic Changeover Training1 Day(s)By arrangement£285.00
ACS Domestic to Catering Appliances4 Hr(s)By arrangement£180.00
ACS Domestic to Commercial Gas Safety Assessment2 Day(s)By arrangement£295.00
ACS Natural Gas to LPG Assessment1 Day(s)By arrangement£260.00
ACS Natural Gas to LPG Training1 Day(s)By arrangement£155.00
AM2 Preparation1 Day(s)By arrangement£190.00
AM2E Post-April 2010 - Containment and Safe Isolation Unit3 Day(s)Tue - Thur£400.00
AM2E Pre-April 2010 - Testing and Safe Isolation Unit3 Day(s)Tue - Thur£400.00
CCN1 Natural Gas Safety Initial Assessment2 Day(s)By arrangement£400.00
CCN1 Natural Gas Safety Reassessment2 Day(s)By arrangement£340.00
CCN1 Natural Gas Safety Training2 Day(s)By arrangement£305.00
CENWAT Initial Assessment4 Hr(s)By arrangement£180.00
CENWAT Reassessment2 Hr(s)By arrangement£155.00
CKR1 Gas Cookers Initial Assessment4 Hr(s)By arrangement£180.00
CKR1 Gas Cookers Reassessment2 Hr(s)By arrangement£135.00
Cookers / Space Heating Training CAT 21 Day(s)By arrangement£285.00
CSCS Training / Test1 Day(s)By arrangement£154.00
CSCS Training / Test and Card1 Day(s)By arrangement£190.00
Design and Installation of Domestic and Small Electric Vehicle Charging Installations - Level 32 Day(s)Mon, Thur£395.00
Domestic Energy Assessment - Level 33 Day(s)Mon - Wed£850.00
Domestic to Commercial Changeover Training1 Day(s)By arrangement£295.00
Gas Certificate for Domestic Engineers (MLP)12 Wk(s)Mon - Fri£4,970.00
Heat Pump Technology Air Source3 Wk(s)Mon£655.00
HTR1 Space Heaters Initial Assessment4 Hr(s)By arrangement£180.00
HTR1 Space Heaters Reassessment2 Hr(s)By arrangement£135.00
Requirements for Electrical Installations (BS767:2018) - Level 33 Day(s)Mon - Wed£540.00
Solar Photovoltaic Systems5 Day(s)Mon - Fri£700.00
Unvented Hot Water4 Hr(s)Mon£210.00
Water Regulations / Byelaws1 Day(s)Tue£165.00


Course TitleDurationAvailable Day(s)Cost
Welding BS4872 Part 1 or Part 2 1982 Test - 1 Day1 Day(s)Friday£420.00
Nuclear Simulation - 1 Day Awareness1 Day(s)By arrangement£180.00
Nuclear Simulation - 2 Day Awareness2 Day(s)By arrangement£135.00

Professional Training


Business & Enterprise

Course TitleDurationAvailable Day(s)Cost
Management Essentials; People, Finance, Project Management & Management1 Day(s)By arrangement£280.00

Hair & Beauty Related Therapies

Course TitleDurationAvailable Day(s)Cost
Spray Tanning Techniques3 Hr(s)Mon£90.00
Russian Volume Lashes1 Day(s)Mon£350.00
Builder Gel5 Hr(s)Mon£175.00
Mylash Lash Lift - Level 23 Hr(s)Mon£155.00
Dermaplaning1 Day(s)Mon£150.00
Classic 1:1 EyeLashes1 Day(s)Mon£165.00
Ultra Defined Brows1 Day(s)Mon£145.00
Brow Lamination4 Hr(s)Mon£120.00
Perm & Neutralise Hair2 Day(s)Thur, Fri£260.00
Intimate Waxing1 Day(s)Mon£100.00
Tape, Weft & Micro-Loop Hair Extensions1 Day(s)Fri£135.00

Hospitality, Culinary Skills & Events Management

Course TitleDurationAvailable Day(s)Cost
Barista Skills - Level 2              2 Day(s)Mon, Tue, Wed£230.00