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Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology at B&FC

B&FC announced as lead partner for the Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology.


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Located across England, IoTs are a national network of partnerships between local colleges, universities and leading employers of which we are very proud to be a part.

Backed by a £290 million government investment, IoTs deliver the very best in technical education providing outstanding skills-based training for coveted careers across multiple technical industries.

Our courses are co-created with employers with industry in mind, providing learners with the high-level technical skills required to make them desirable in the workplace.

We have an ambitious vision to deliver world-class higher technical education and training to increase the supply of highly skilled employees across key industries.

As part of a wider government strategy underpinned by a vision of greater social mobility and improved opportunity for all, we are planning to achieve the following:

  • Provide industry-standard facilities and a curriculum which reflect current and future needs across key skills sectors including, Computing and Digital Technologies, Engineering, Project Management and Health and Medical Professions.
  • Create career pathways for learners allowing them to secure meaningful employment with excellent progression opportunities.
  • Address employers' current skills gaps and anticipate their future skills needs, drawing on industry insights and research.
  • Facilitate the development and retention of local talent, reducing recruitment costs and improving business stability.
  • Implement new training provision quickly in response to the sometimes rapidly changing needs of our employers.
A golden opportunity

We're delighted to be one of only three FE colleges in England to have achieved TEF Gold for excellence in our HE teaching provision for both student experience and student outcomes. This goes hand-in-hand with some fantastic comments in the National Student Survey which collates feedback from recent graduates on their learning experience.

Now, more than ever before, students can be confident that B&FC competes with the very best when it comes to choosing your place for degree-level study.

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Full range of Institute of Technology Courses available at B&FC

Course TitleQualificationDuration
Automotive and Motorsport Engineering TechnologyFdA 2 Year


Computing and Digital Technologies
Course TitleQualificationDuration
Cyber SecurityCert HE1 Year
Cyber Security and Digital InfrastructureT Level2 Year
Digital Production, Design and DevelopmentT Level2 Year
EsportsL3 Diploma2 Year
Network Engineering (System Administration)BSc(Hons) Topup1 Year
Network Engineering (System Administration) FdA2 Year
Network Engineering (Cyber Security)BSc(Hons) Topup1 Year
Network Engineering (Cyber Security)FdA2 Year
Computer Science and Digital TechnologiesBSc(Hons) Topup1 Year
Computer Science and Digital TechnologiesCert HE1 Year
Computer Science and Digital TechnologiesFdA2 Year
Software Engineering (Game Development) BSc(Hons) Topup1 Year
Software Engineering (Game Development) FdA2 Year
Digital and Technology Solutions ProfessionalDegree Apprenticeship3 Year
Data Analyst Level 4Higher Apprenticeship1 Year


Course TitleQualificationDuration
Engineering Manufacturing TechnicianHigher ApprenticeshipTBC
Nuclear Scientist and Nuclear EngineerDegree Apprenticeship3 Year
Manufacturing EngineerDegree Apprenticeship3 Year
Engineering (General Engineering)HNC1 Year
Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)BEng(Hons) Part-time3 Year
Engineering (Robotics and Automation Engineering)BEng(Hons) Part-time3 Year
Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)BEng(Hons) Part-time3 Year
Engineering (Industrial Engineering)BEng(Hons) Part-time3 Year
Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) BEng(Hons) Part-time3 year
Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)BEng(Hons) Full-time3 Year
Engineering (Robotics and Automation Engineering)BEng(Hons) Full-time3 Year
Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)BEng(Hons) Full-time3 Year
Engineering (Industrial Engineering)BEng(Hons) Full-time3 Year
Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)BEng(Hons) Full-time3 Year


Project Management
Course TitleQualificationDuration
Project Management                          FdA2 Year
Project ManagerDegree Apprenticeship3 Year


Health and Medical Professions
Course Title QualificationDuration
Leader in Adult Care Higher Apprenticeship1 Year

B&FC based students are great ambassadors for L&CIoT

Software Engineering Level 4 student Morgan Pritchard chose to study a Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology (IoT) course based at B&FC due to the fantastic facilities on offer.

The 23 year-old, in her first year of the qualification said: "I've been using a PC since I was little and I have a massive interest in games. We've got the best team of tutors in the college and it's already been a fun course so far.

"The IGLOO cylinder immersive pod is a real highlight and I've already got thoughts about projects I can use it for - the facilities are a huge thing for me.

"If anyone is thinking of studying at the IoT, I'd say go for it because you won't regret it."

Looking for the highest quality education on your doorstep?

Brandon Gilbertson is enjoying the programming aspect of his software Engineer Systems Level 4 course at the Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology (IoT) based at B&FC.

The 18 year-old said: "It's great to have the Institute of Technology facilities on my doorstep. The tutors are really nice and there's a lot of help if you need it.

"The resources are probably the best thing - there's a lot of technology to use. I'd definitely recommend people look at what the IoT can offer."

Looking to turn a passion into a career?

A fascination with cyber security and the jobs market potential led Connah Astury to a Degree level course in Network Engineering Cyber Security at Lancashire and Cumbria IoT based at B&FC.

Connah, 21, who has set his sights on a job at BAE Systems after graduation, said: "It's a really interesting course with a lot of great kit for us to use.

"I feel like if you do well on this course you'll set yourself up for a good job. I've always been fascinated by cyber security and to be able to use equipment like we have here is amazing."

Want the chance to use industry-leading tech?

Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology (IoT) student Benjamin Sillett, 21, is studying a Degree Level course in Network Engineering Cyber Security based a B&FC.

He said: "There are huge opportunities in cyber security and the work being done in the industry is really interesting. A lot of money has been spent on the technology here and it's fantastic to have access to that.

"The teachers work really closely with the students too, always willing to give feedback and help if you need it. In the second year of the course, I did a work-based learning placement, which was a really great experience. I'd definitely recommend people to come and see what the IoT has to offer."

In search of a course with real career prospects?

John Newton, 20, believes his Institute of Technology (IoT) course based at B&FC has provided a welcoming environment in which to learn.

The Degree Level Computer Science student said: "Highlights so far have been access to the workshops and the learning support from staff. I know that with a computing course there are going to be so many opportunities when it comes to work. One of the reasons I chose this course was the work-based element and the fact that the IoT works so closely with employers."

Want to learn from industry experts with a passion for their subjects?

Eighteen year-old Ameenur Khan hailed Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology staff based at B&FC on his Software Engineering Level 4 course as "brilliant".

Ameen enjoyed computing at sixth form and saw the chance to turn his interest into a career.

He said: "It's a great course that really challenges you. The facilities and the teachers are brilliant and give you a better understanding of what you're learning in the classroom.

"It's really opened my eyes to the opportunities available. The best advice I'd give someone is to come and see how you can develop your skills here. Don't let the opportunity go to waste or you may regret it."

It's never too late to broaden your skillset

Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology (IoT) is open to anyone, at any stage of their career.

Dean Coles was looking for a career change from the retail and office work he'd been doing when he signed up to the IoT's Software Engineering Level 4 course.

The 36-year-old said: "The technology is amazing here and will really help me with my goal of going into programming.

"I've also found the availability of tutors is fantastic, they're always here to talk to and you can ask them anything. I'd definitely recommend studying at the IoT."