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Sustainable futures at B&FC

With the UN's most recent report on climate change making for very sobering reading, Blackpool and The Fylde College is committed to making a difference with an innovative approach to sustainability for a brighter and greener tomorrow.

As a College, we are aiming to embed sustainability and sustainable practices across everything we do.

Whether that's developing courses to train people in green technologies or fitting those technologies at our sites to provide green energy, we are committed to green initiatives and to reducing our carbon footprint.


Our Sustainable Curriculum

Automotive, Construction, Engineering and Fashion are all industries which have been previously identified as major contributors to planetary damage. As a result, the industrial practices in these sectors are beginning to change.

To ensure the next generation of designers, researchers and manufacturers are more attuned to eco conscious behaviours, courses in these areas have sustainability embedded in them so that students learn about the importance of recycled materials, alternative technologies and reusable resources.


The Sustainability Centre

Whilst sustainability is a thread running through all our curriculum, in some areas we have gone even further. For example, we have recently launched the The Sustainability Centre at our Bispham campus.

Fitted with all the latest consumer-accessible green technologies, like solar PV, air-source heat pumps and the specialist insulation, the Retrofit House gives students the chance to work with these technologies first-hand, giving them all the skills they need to successfully install and maintain them.

With regulatory changes on the horizon which will affect consumers in both the energy and automotive sectors, getting ahead of the curve on the Retrofit revolution will not only help to futureproof homes but futureproof people's businesses too.


Here is a list of the courses currently on offer at The Sustainability House with more on the cards as future technologies come online.

Retrofit Courses

Design and Installation of Domestic & Small Electric Vehicle Charging Installations - Level 3
Domestic Energy Assessment - Level 3
Heat Pump Technology Air Source
Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Sustainable Courses


Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Diagnosis, Testing and Repair – Level 4
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement – IMI Level 3


Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness - Level 2

Simple ideas to be more green

We can all do our bit to help the planet. Here are just a few suggestions to make your world a little greener: 

1) Eat a meat-free meal each week
2) Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree
3) Take a shower rather than a bath
4) Walk, cycle or use public transport whenever you can
5) Make a compost heap
6) Buy vintage or second-hand
7) Avoid single use plastics
8) Buy a reusable cup
9) Shop locally and seasonally