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Qualifications Explained - School Leavers

With so many options available once you finish school, it can be confusing knowing what to do next.

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As a School Leaver you'll find that all our courses are designed to give you the skills and experience to excel not just in the classroom but also in employment so that you can start to build a career which leads to future success.

From T Levels and A Level equivalent courses to Apprenticeships that let you earn and learn at the same time, we'll help you find the course that matches your abilities and meets your dreams and aspirations.

All our school leaver qualifications focus on a single subject area allowing you to build a genuinely wide-ranging knowledge base. And because they are tailored to the needs of industry, you will pick up key skills and techniques that you will readily be able to apply once you're in work.

  • 100% pass rate for T Levels

  • Consistently over 90% in student satisfaction surveys

  • Relevant industry placements


Gateway courses are designed to help 16-18 year old learners, who have no qualifications or have GCSEs at Grade 3 or below.  These are particularly useful for those wanting to progress in a technical subject.

With a holistic approach to teaching and learning, Gateway courses embed employability and social development skills throughout their courses so that learners are better equipped for Further Education and employment.


Level 1

We offer entry level courses into certain subject areas. These courses are designed to help 16-18 year old learners, who have no qualifications or have GCSEs at Grade 3 or below.


Subjects available:
Health & Medical Professions
Hair, Beauty & Related Therapies
Public Services
Gateway to Further Education

If you were unsuccessful in getting the grades you needed. Don't worry, here's your chance to get back on track.

Level 2

Our Level 2 Diplomas allow you to build up a strong foundation of knowledge in your subject area of choice. Many of our specialist courses start at Level 2 to allow students to build the technical knowledge required.

These highly practical programmes feature an industry placement, English and maths development and the opportunity to progress to a higher level or even onto an apprenticeship.


Level 3 Diplomas and Triple Diplomas

Level 3 Diplomas are equivalent to 2 A Levels and provide employment-focused skills and knowledge allowing you to progress into employment or higher level of study.

Triple Diplomas take two years to complete, are equivalent to 3 A Levels and carry the maximum 168 UCAS points. They also provide a real depth of knowledge in a particular subject area. Unlike A Levels, Triple Diplomas are more assignment-based with emphasis on industry skills and experience.


Our Diploma courses allow you to build specialist knowledge in a particular subject area with an emphasis on developing industry-relevant skills, helping you progress in your chosen career.

T Levels

B&FC currently offer the largest range of T Levels in Lancashire.

T Levels are a new 2-year qualification that lead to university, skilled employment and Higher & Degree Apprenticeships.

They've been designed with employers and businesses to provide the skills that industry needs, which means you get to play a key part in shaping the future of the UK economy.



Want to earn and learn at the same time? If you are keen to start your career straight away, an apprenticeship could be for you.

You need to be in employment before you can start an apprenticeship, but through our Apprenticeship Vacancy matching service and strong employer relationships we can support you to find your ideal role.


Qualifications available:
Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship
Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship
Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship
Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship
Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship


T Levels

If you're academically strong and have a skilled career route in mind, a T Level will give you a head start in your chosen industry.


An apprenticeship gives you the best of both worlds - the chance to work towards a nationally-recognised qualification and develop your career at the same time.

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