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Additional Services for Employers

Where our apprenticeships, commercial courses and bespoke training stop, our support doesn't end with more assistance to help your business flourish.

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As a college that specialises in technical qualifications, we are ideally positioned to equip your current and future workforce with the latest skills and training that your industry and organisation demands, all with the aim of helping your business to succeed both now and in the future.
  • Business Analysis Session
    You'll meet with one of our training experts to discuss your business objectives and ways to overcome any obstacles you are currently facing, to identify the training on offer that's best suited to your organisation and workforce.
  • Recruitment support
    B&FC will help you find the right people with the right skills and the right attitude to fit effortlessly into your business.

Business Analysis Session

These sessions are all about thinking outside the box, about identifying opportunities across your entire business, not just where you have an immediate need.

Hotels are often seeking new recruits to beef up their kitchens or expand their customer service teams. In addition to identifying suitable hires, B&FC has helped hospitality businesses to upskill their staff with specific qualifications to boost wider retention and morale.

By putting your staff on to courses you are showing you value their commitment which in turn boost retention by shifting employees' mindset from 'short-term job' to 'long-term career'.

If you're thinking about hiring people to offer a new kind of service, or expand your existing offering, it's also a great idea to be thinking how to promote it.

B&FC has helped businesses hire digital marketing apprentices - or upskill existing staff through an apprenticeship to expertly assume that role - when the original thinking was simply on the service itself.

If you're rapidly expanding in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, you might be seeing some opportunities to improve your productivity.

If you need specialists to expand your operations, who will cope with their team's growing demands? B&FC has worked with organisations which have significantly benefited from warehousing apprenticeships so that the business is staffed throughout its operations to optimise efficiency and manage changing requirements.

But every situation is different. To talk about yours, and take advantage of our free training needs analysis, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Bespoke Training
You may require bespoke training programmes to address current skills gaps and meet relevant industry standards. These programmes are flexible, cost effective and specific to your organisation.

Recruitment Support

We'll help you analyse exactly what skills your business needs both now and in the future, then bring together a group of local people who are currently looking for work in your sector. We'll then train them on one of our sector-based work academy programmes (SWAPs) to ensure they have the skills your business needs which you can then test on a work placement.

You want to recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow your business.

SWAP is designed to help meet your immediate and future recruitment needs. Your SWAP lasts up to six weeks and includes:

  • Pre-employment training
    Relevant to the needs of the business and sector
  • Work experience placement
    This greatly benefits both the individual and the business
  • Guaranteed job interview

We will design a SWAP tailored to your business' needs.

Some of the industry sectors in which we have particular expertise are; Leisure & Hospitality, Administration, Health & Social Care, School & Nurseries, Construction, Automotive, Digital, Green Energy.

What is SWAP?
The sector-based work academy programme (SWAP) can support you to create a skilled workforce for your business. SWAP is administered by Jobcentre Plus and available in England and Scotland.

Enquire Today

It's really simple to contact us and you be sure of a warm welcome when you do. Pick up the phone or fire off a quick email today and find out how we can help you and your team boost your business performance.

For a free, no-obligation discussion about how B&FC for Business can be your partner in success, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Call: 01253 504343 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm)