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WorldSkills at B&FC

B&FC is a Centre of Excellence and we were one of the hosts for the National Competitions in November 2022.

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B&FC is proud to partner with WorldSkills UK

Explore the WorldSkills UK website and read some of their success stories.
WorldSkills UK is a charity that champions skills development, vocational education and excellence in various trades and professions across the UK.

It provides a platform for young people to showcase their talents and skills in competitions at regional, national, and international levels. These competitions cover a wide range of industries, from Construction to Digital Technology, Engineering and Hospitality.

Worldskills UK aims to raise the profile of vocational education and training, promote career opportunities in skilled trades, and support economic growth by nurturing a highly skilled workforce.

Taking part in WorldSkills at B&FC is a great way to improve your skills, gain valuable high-level employability skills, which employers are looking for, and meet other competitors from all over the UK.

Whatever course you choose to study at B&FC, we will encourage and empower you to take part in WorldSkills competitions.

B&FC World Skills UK Ambassador - Wayne Beattie, Engineering

"The training was great and really gets under your skin, it makes you think of ways to make marginal gains to make a large impact.

Part of the pedagogy is pressure testing, which really engaged the students and improved their employability skills."

How B&FC aligns with WorldSkills

Skills Development

As a technical college, our courses and qualifications are designed with industry, to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today's economy and job market.

Focus on vocational education

Similarly to WorldSkills, many of our courses have a focus towards vocational education and training. To empower and equip students with the relevant skills and experience they need to boost their employability and career prospects.

Promotion of excellence

B&FC wouldn't be a Centre of Excellence without a culture of excellence and continuous improvement being fostered and nurtured for both our learners and expert tutors. Throughout all our technical courses, we encourage learners to go the extra mile and seize every opportunity, to showcase their talent and creativity that goes beyond academic skills.

Partnership and collaboration

As a college delivering technical industry-relevant courses, we are proud of our broad range of professional relationships with both local and nationwide businesses. This enables us to tailor our courses to the demands of industry and the job market, keeping our learners up-to-date with cutting edge technologies.


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B&FC proud to be one of the WorldSkills National Competition Venues for 2022
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