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Industry Placements

Providing students with placement opportunities can be a mutually beneficial experience; you get an extra pair of hands and the student get the opportunity to practice skills acquired in the classroom in a real-world environment. It's a win-win.

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It's easy to think of industry placements as one-way traffic, but long gone are the days of simply standing by the photocopier and making the tea (although we're sure many of our students can make a mean brew too). At B&FC, because our programmes are industry-focused with curricula co-created with industry, our students make a valuable contribution to the companies they work for.

In fact, many of our placement employers have gone on to offer students full-time jobs and apprenticeships as a result of both the skills and work ethic they have been able to demonstrate during placement.

There are many benefits to businesses offering industry placements

Here are just a few:

  • Extra resource for specific projects
  • Increase capacity
  • Help nurture and develop talent
  • Cost effective recruitment for entry level jobs and apprenticeships
  • Bring in people with imaginative new ideas and different skills
  • Upskill your staff with the chance to mentor a young person


We are now finding that many businesses are actively using industry placements as a kind of extended interview process giving them the chance not only to see an individual's skills set but really being able to assess whether a potential employee would fit into their organisation. Given that recruitment costs can be significant, particularly to smaller organisations, industry placements are a very cost effective way to find new talent

Apprenticeships for Employers
Progress your current placements to apprentices with an apprenticeship standard, tailored to your business.
What's involved
Industry placements can last anywhere from a couple of weeks up to 45 days.

They're for students of all ages, from all different backgrounds and with many different skills and experiences.

The longest industry placements are offered to our T Level students - school leavers who already have a clear idea of their future career. T levels combine the academic rigours of an A level with the practicality of diploma and are designed for high flyers who are looking to develop their careers with higher and degree apprenticeships

How B&FC supports your industry placements

You’ll receive support at every stage of the process and we will make sure that students are ready to be productive members of your workforce.

We will also support planning the timeline and objectives of the industry placement.

Don't take our word for it, see what other employers have to say...
Read about the experience of one of our placement providers
When Nicky Speakman, owner of Code Galaxy, offered a T Level placement to Reece Harris, he didn't know where it would lead.

Our student is flying with the work I have given him. I just hope I have enough to keep him busy! I would recommend anybody to give a chance to placements in the future. It was a pleasure."
Chameleon Financial Planning
The experience has been extremely positive overall. Longer term placements have distinct advantages, both for the students and for us. Longer work placements enables meaningful integration for the student into the workplace and enables the students to feel part of the team."
Blackpool Transport
Our current student is good with tools and learns quickly. A great experience, would definitely wish to have a placement again. We would recommend this to all our colleagues involved in motorsport & engineering."
Redwood Engineering
It’s always good to have fresh un-cynical eyes come in to any industry. It’s great to see people blossom at the start of their careers with the correct mentoring. The student, although shy and unsure when he started, really found his voice and I saw him develop into a strong member of the team."
Knight Rigging Services Group
The students bring a fresh perspective and new ways of thinking. All of the students we have taken have fit in well and produced some great work."
Rock FM Cash for Kids
We have provided eight young people with workplace opportunities at Offigo and we have always enjoyed the experience. They give us their views on being a youngster growing up - which is equally rewarding."
The student was working within IT on a project and made significant contributions to it. He also helped to make a video for our return to work on social distancing measures put in place during COVID-19."
DePuy Synthes
The placement has helped prove the importance of team communication. I believe the placement was beneficial all round and we look to use or recommend placements in the future."
Novus Rail
Our student has settled in well, using her own initiative and getting on well with the team. It was nice to have someone interested in the role and was able to pick it up quite quickly. The student fitted in well, and we offered them a full time or part time position."
Barker Booth & Eastwood Limited Solicitors
The student brought some great ideas to the company and it was great to get an outside look on the work that we do and how we can improve. The student fit into our team incredibly well. We would definitely recommend this experience."
Piper Music Management

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