How industry placements help your business

Industry placements are your chance to get a fresh perspective on your organisation and provide support where it's needed most.

Many businesses use industry placements as a stepping stone towards offering apprenticeships.

Why should I offer an industry placement?

There are many key benefits for businesses offering industry placements.

Here are just six:

  • Extra resource for specific projects
  • Increase capacity
  • Help nurture and develop talent
  • Cost effective recruitment for entry level jobs and apprenticeships
  • Bring in people with imaginative new ideas and different skills
  • Upskill your staff with the chance to mentor a young person

How long do industry placements last?

Industry placements generally last up to 45 days.

They're for students of all ages, from all different backgrounds and with many different skills and experiences.

The longest industry placements will be offered from September to our T Level students - school leavers who already have a clear idea of their future career. 

Industry placement support from B&FC 

You’ll receive support at every stage of the process and we will make sure that students are ready to be productive members of your workforce.

We will also support planning the timeline and objectives of the industry placement.

How to offer an industry placement