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Fast track to degree

Did you know you could start a degree next September even if you don't meet the entry requirements right now?
Join one of our fast track to degree courses this coming January and gain the qualifications you need to enrol on a degree programme at B&FC in the autumn.

Be degree ready in six months or less

If you don't have the qualifications to do a degree, it's easy to think that it could take years to get there. In reality, however, it could take just six months or less with a fast track to degree programme at B&FC.

Start in January and you'll be ready to start a degree in September and manage to squeeze in a summer break between the two.

The even better news is that a space on one of our degree-level qualifications is guaranteed if you complete your Level 3 programme successfully so you don't need to worry if you will be accepted or not.

Our choice of fast-track programmes gives you options when it comes to choosing your degree subject. Below is a table which shows all our fast track programmes and a sample of the degrees you can progress to.

Fast-track progression

Business Management Principles - Fast Track to Degree

Business and Enterprise
Engineering - Fast Track to Degree

Aeronautical Engineering

Robotics and Automation Engineering

Mental Health and Resilience - Fast Track to Degree

Adult Health and Social Care

Mental Health and Resilience

Hospitality Management - Fast Track to Degree

Hospitality Management

Teaching and Learning Support - Fast Track to Degree

Teaching and Learning Support

Applied Science - Fast Track to Degree

Human Biosciences

Marine Biology

Entry to the Uniformed Services - Fast Track to Degree

Foundations of Military Leadership

Professional Policing (Pre-join)

Policing - Fast Track to Degree

Foundations of Military Leadership

Professional Policing (Pre-join)