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Degrees at B&FC

Discover your pathway to success with our exciting array of degrees at Blackpool and The Fylde College.

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Welcome to degree-level study at B&FC

Studying for a higher qualification has never been so flexible.

Sign up to a degree at B&FC and you'll find engaging courses, expert tuition, rewarding industry placements and exceptional facilities

With small class sizes, a dynamic curriculum, industry-relevant tuition and plenty of one-to-one support, you will be ideally placed to excel in your chosen field and able to develop the skills needed to thrive in today's competitive job market.

Don't let finances hold you back
Don't let worries about how you'll cope financially stop you fulfilling your career ambitions. There's plenty of help available, some of which you don't have to pay back. And even with the stuff you do, the repayments don't kick in until you're earning at least £25,000.

Our degree-level courses come in all shapes and sizes

Automotive and Motorsport

Explore the latest technologies driving the automotive and motorsport industries forward.

Automotive and Motorsport Engineering Technology - Certificate of Higher Education

Automotive and Motorsport Engineering Technology - Certificate of Higher Education with Foundation Year

Automotive and Motorsport Engineering Technology - Foundation Degree with Foundation Year

Automotive and Motorsport Engineering Technology - Foundation Degree

Automotive and Motorsport Engineering Technology - BEng Hons Degree - Topup (Full-time)

Automotive and Motorsport Engineering Technology - BEng Hons Degree - Topup (Part-time)


Business and Management

Gain insights into entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Project Management

Business Management - Certificate of Higher Education

Business Management - Foundation Degree

Business Management (Leadership) - BA Hons Degree - Topup

Business Management (Digital Marketing) - BA Hons Degree - Topup

Business Management (Financial Management) - BA Hons Degree - Topup


Catering, Hospitality and Events Management

Delve into the world of hospitality, culinary arts and event planning to deliver memorable experiences in diverse settings.

Hospitality Management - HNC


Children, Young People and Families

Study the complexities of child development, family dynamics and social policies to support the well-being of young individuals and families.

Children, Young People and Families - Certificate of Higher Education

Children, Young People and Families - Foundation Degree

Children, Young People and Families - BA Hons Degree - Topup

Early Childhood Studies - Certificate of Higher Education

Early Childhood Studies - Foundation Degree


Computing and Digital Technologies

Discover the fundamentals of programming, cyber security and data analytics to shape the digital future.

Computer Science and Digital Technologies - Certificate of Higher Education

Computer Science and Digital Technologies - Foundation Degree

Computer Science and Digital Technologies - BSc Hons Degree - Topup

Software Engineering (Game Development) - Foundation Degree

Software Engineering (Game Development) - BSc Hons Degree - Topup

Software Engineering (Systems Development) - Foundation Degree

Network Engineering (Systems Administration) - Foundation Degree

Network Engineering (Systems Administration) - BSc Hons Degree - Topup

Cyber Security - Certificate of Higher Education

Network Engineering (Cyber Security) - Foundation Degree

Network Engineering (Cyber Security) - BSc Hons Degree - Topup



Master the principles of construction management and sustainable building practices to create resilient infrastructure.

Construction Management for England - HNC

Quantity Surveying for England - HNC


Creative Arts

Express your creativity through various mediums, from visual arts to performing arts, and explore the power of artistic expression.

Art & Design (Arts Practice) - HNC

Art & Design (Arts Practice) - HND

Art & Design (Fashion, Textiles and Costume) - HNC

Art & Design (Fashion, Textiles and Costume) - HND

Art & Design (Graphic Design & Illustration) - HNC

Art & Design (Graphic Design & Illustration) - HND

Art & Design (Photography) - HNC

Art & Design (Photography) - HND



Examine the root causes of crime, criminal behaviour and the criminal justice system to contribute to safer communities.

Criminology and Criminal Justice - Certificate of Higher Education

Criminology and Criminal Justice - Foundation Degree

Criminology and Criminal Justice - BA Hons Degree - Topup



Innovate and design solutions to real-word problems, harnessing the principles of mathematics and science in engineering disciplines.

Engineering (General Engineering) - HNC (Part-time)

Engineering (General Engineering) - HNC (Full-time)

Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering) - HNC (Part-time)

Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering) - HNC (Part-time)

Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) - HNC (Part-time)

Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-time)

Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Full-time)

Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-time)

Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Full-time)

Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-time)

Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Full-time)

Engineering (Robotics and Automation Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-time)

Engineering (Robotics and Automation Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Full-time)

Engineering (Industrial Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-time)

Engineering (Industrial Engineering) - BEng Hons Degree (Full-time)


Health and Medical Professions

Prepare for a rewarding career in healthcare, where you'll learn to promote wellness and provide compassionate care.

Mental Health and Resilience - Foundation Degree

Mental Health and Resilience - BA Hons Degree - Topup

Adult Health and Social Care - Certificate of Higher Education

Adult Health and Social Care - Foundation Degree

Adult Health and Social Care - BA Hons Degree - Topup


Learning Support

Learn strategies and techniques to support individuals with diverse learning needs and promote inclusive education.

Teaching and Learning Support - Foundation Degree

Teaching and Learning Support - BA Hons Degree - Topup


Performing Arts and Music

Immerse yourself in the world of performance, honing your skills in innovation, creation, production and engagement.

Music (Technology) - HNC

Music (Sound Design) - HND


Public Services

Prepare for a career in one of multiple service organisations within the UK.

Foundations of Military Leadership - HNC

Professional Policing (Pre-join) - BA Hons Degree



Research every aspect of the universe through scientific questioning, experimentation and discovery across a range of scientific disciplines.

Applied Science (Analytical Science) - Foundation Degree*

Applied Science (Environmental Science) - Foundation Degree*

Applied Science (Biotechnology) - Foundation Degree*

Marine Biology - BSc Hons Degree - Topup

Human Biosciences - BSc Hons Degree - Topup


Sport, Leisure and Recreation

Promote health, well-being and community through the study of sports, leisure activities and recreational programmes.

Physical Activity, Health and Leadership - HNC


You can commit to just one year at a time, take a break at the end of any year and come back when you're ready to continue.

Whatever the reasons, this approach allows you to test the water to see if higher level study is right for you whilst still achieving a qualification at the end of the year. It also gives you more flexibility if life throws you a curved ball and you need to take time away from your studies unexpectedly.

Our teaching is GOLD

B&FC is rated Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2023. The highest possible ranking for Teaching quality and student success.

Industry-focused. Career ready.

With our reputation for delivering outstanding technical and professional education, it comes as no surprise that our courses focus on industry-relevant training.

Working with over 1,800 employer partners means we have a real insight into what various industry sectors are looking for in their graduate recruits which allows us to tailor our course content accordingly. What this means is that students who graduate from B&FC - whether at Level 4,5 or 6 - are ready to hit the ground running when it comes to employment.

You'll already be familiar with all the technologies and equipment you'll encounter in the workplace too because we have been able to invest in industry-standard facilities to make the move from study to work even easier.

Find my course

Know what subject you want to study? Then check out our dedicated course search page for Degree-level courses. You'll be able to select different subject areas and see what qualifications we offer in each.

  • 85% of B&FC graduates in further study or employment within 15 months

  • 38% of B&FC graduates earn £33,000 or more in highly skilled employment

  • Degrees awarded by Lancaster University - a UK top 15 university

Why B&FC...

Student case study

Career change sees Alex reaching for the stars.

The sudden death of his father made Alex question whether his existing career as a chef really gave him what he wanted from life. With a view to pursuing his dream of becoming an astrophysicist, he decided to hang up his apron and enrol on an Access to HE course at B&FC.

This led to him studying for an Aeronautical Engineering degree which he is currently halfway through. As a father to two young children, Alex has found that his course gives him the flexibility to meet his family commitments as well as having ample time to study.

Winning a prestigious Business of Science Innovation Award in his first year for ODIN, a system Alex designed to collect space debris in low orbit, was a real confidence boost and just goes to prove that the sky's the limit when it comes to Alex pursuing his dream career.

Alex Mortimer, BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering

  • Delivered onsite and online by our blended learning experts

  • Full and part-time study options

  • Work-based higher and degree apprenticeships

The road to Higher Education...

  • Access to Higher Education

    If you're keen to study for a degree but you don't have the qualifications or experience, an Access to HE Diploma gets you degree-ready in just one year.

    Bridge the gap with Access to HE
  • Preparing for Higher Education

    Free workshops and short courses to help prepare you for the next stage of your educational journey.

    Learn how we can prepare you for HE
  • Plan your path through Higher Education

    Flexible learning built around you. Study for one, two or three years and get a qualification at every stage.

    More info on HE pathway

What students say about B&FC...

I looked a different courses but realised I needed to start from scratch with my GCSEs to build the right entry qualifications. Going to B&FC meant I could study all the qualifications I needed in one place. It just made sense.
Shirley Kahn, BA(Hons) Youth Studies
The enthusiasm of the staff is infectious. The facilities and equipment here are in a class of their own, giving me hands-on experience with the kit I will go on to use in industry.
Jonathan Schofield, BSc(Hons) Software Engineering (Game Development)
Access to fantastic facilities and resources like the Learning Resource Centre means that I can get all the information I need quickly and easily.
Will Turnbull, HNC in Construction
I chose B&FC as I had previously studied an art course here and felt comfortable when being interviewed by Ang, she made me feel very welcomed and helped ease my nerves.
Alexia Sarjantson, BA(Hons) Fashion Design
I have made life-long friends and the support I have received with everything from enrolling to student finance to extra support to help with my assignments has been incredible. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming, I wish I had done this years ago.
Toni Phillips, FdA Criminology and Criminal Justice
The tutors have been amazing - every one of them took the time to tell how I could improve so I've graduated with a first-class honours having started off with a predictive grade of a 2:2.
Marvyn Atkinson, BEng(Hons) Engineering (Mechatronics)
A supportive environment with interesting, topical content. HELMs (Higher Education Learning Mentors), Financial support and the option of emotional support if I ever need it.
Susan Berry, BA(Hons) English: Language Literature and Writing
I chose B&FC as I had heard lots of good things about studying here and positive feedback.
Heidi Bahra, FdA Adult Health and Social Care
There have been lots of benefits but the main one has been how much my confidence has improved and I'd put that down to the fantastic support I've received here.
Samantha Vernon, HNC Hospitality Management
The tutors make it really relevant and interesting as they know their subjects inside and out. The tutors really made it for me.
Lorraine Crossen, BA(Hons) Teaching and Learning Support
It's great being taught by people with experience in the industry and I like the flexibility which is embedded in the course structure. I can fit my life around my course and vice versa.
Callum Sanderson, HNC/HND Creative Media Production
The smaller class sizes and the fact that you got plenty of one-to-one support was really important to me. I felt like the tutors really cared about you and your future career.
Katie Coates, BA(Hons) Acting
The tutors are really supportive and the smaller class sizes have made such a difference. Everyone gets more one-to-one time which I know wouldn't be the case if I'd gone elsewhere.
Justin Campbell, BA(Hons) Public Services
I didn't feel the need to go away to university and the course here was equivalent to any I could have done elsewhere. Having the degree awarded by Lancaster University makes a difference too.
Abigail Ansell, BSc(Hons) Human Biosciences
The facilities are great but the support of the tutors has been second to none. Nothing was too much trouble for them - it was amazing.
Dale Cassar, HNC Sport (Community Sport and Physical Activity
I did my undergraduate degree here and found it to be a really supportive place. The tutors are outstanding and because I'm dyslexic, they went out of their way to help me.
Matthew Daniels, PGCE

Outstanding facilities...

  • Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

    Higher and degree apprenticeships are a high-quality alternative to the traditional degree route, combining skilled on-the-job training with higher level study.

    More on Apprenticeships
  • Institute of Technology at B&FC

    Being a part of IoT enables us to deliver the very best technical education, providing outstanding skills-based training across multiple technical industries.

    Discover IoT courses provided by B&FC
  • Admissions: Higher Education

    Everything you need to know about our admission procedure, application process, entry requirements and more.

    Explore Admissions: HE

Student case study

Support at every step paved the way to Carrie's success.

Prior to starting her journey with B&FC, Carrie had lost her business and her income due to unforeseen circumstances and was naturally concerned about the financial impact of returning to study.

Initially taking an Access to HE course, she was worried that purchasing additional resources might be beyond her budget. An Advanced Learner Loan paid for her tuition fees and Carrie also received a monthly bursary as well help with childcare costs. When Carrie moved on to degree-level study, she continued to get financial help.

What's more, because she did an Access to HE course, her Advanced Learner Loan was written off once she finished her degree.

Carrie Lee, BA(Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • Tuition fee loan from the government with nothing to pay upfront

  • Non-repayable £500 Advantage Bursary

  • Parents' Learning Allowance between £50 - £1,915 a year if you're a full-time student with children

Support HUB

All the Support You Need

At B&FC we offer a range of support services to help you get the most from your studies, realise your career goals and keep your personal life on track.


Financial Support

Whilst there's plenty of financial support out there, we can help you access it. We're here if you need support filling in forms or to check you're getting everything you're entitled to.

Careers Support

At Blackpool and The Fylde College, we don't just care about the here and now - we want to help you realise your future goals. Our Careers Advice and Guidance Team are on hand to give you specialist advice and guidance to improve your career prospects and help you land the perfect role.

Study Skills Support

Our Higher Education Learning Mentors (HELMs) - unique to B&FC - provide one-to-one support in assignment planning, researching, exam preparation, referencing, revision and reflective writing. They will give you all the assistance you need to reach your full potential.

International Students

International Students do well here and quickly settle into our friendly environment. From visa guidance to financial support, we've got you covered.

Support from Tutors

Our tutors have specialist industry knowledge which means they're ideally placed to enrich your learning. Along with smaller class sizes which mean you have more one-to-one support, they can provide valuable feedback and give you a real insight into what working in the sector is like.

Student Finance Calculator
Get a quick estimate of what student loans, grants, bursaries and other funding you could get with the Government's Student Finance Calculator.

  • Small, friendly classes with lots of one-to-one help

  • Disability Confident Leader with accessible campuses and tutors to personalise your learning experience

  • Personalised support plan

What's next?

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Visit our Admissions: Higher Education page - here you can find more information on our Admission process, Accomodation, Policies & Procedures, Entry requirements, Scholarship & Bursaries and FAQs.
Book a place at our next Open Event - a great opportunity to meet the tutors, ask questions and check out our facilities.
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