Adult Students

PLACES AVAILABLE TO START SEPTEMBER - ENROL NOW! View the enrolment schedule for dates and times.

Full and part time courses are available in a wide range of subject areas whether you want to improve your chances of finding work, change career or develop a new skill. Come to an Open Day or Meet the Experts event to get advice from a subject specialist about the best route to making your career goals a reality.

At B&FC, it’s never too late to develop your knowledge, skills and experience. We offer a whole raft of qualifications, designed to help you embark on a new career or progress in the one you already have.

Study can be full or part-time and depending on your circumstances you might be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan, help with funding, or help towards the costs of childcare.

Our short community courses can be a great way to try out a potential new career area or simply develop a new skill. Available at venues throughout the Fylde, you can choose from a variety of subjects.

Short employability courses are also on offer to give you the skills and confidence to get a foot onto the career ladder or to venture back into the job market after being away from it for a time.

A degree-level qualification can make you more productive in your current role and equip you to progress to more senior and better-paid positions.

We have a wide variety of courses at all levels - levels explained.

Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture
Learn to Speak Spanish GC2EC1987
Learn to Speak SpanishGC2EC2375
Spanish Conversation (Improvers)GC2EC1487
Foundations for Learning and Life
English - Level 1GB1FE1980
English - Level 2GB1FE1981
Mathematics - Level 1GB1FE1975
Mathematics - Level 2GB1FE1976
Health and Medical Professions
Adult Care - Level 3SC1FE407
Adult Care - Level 3SC1FE408
Adult Care - Level 3 (Evening)SC2FE409
Alcohol Awareness - Level 1SA1FE023
Awareness of Dementia - Level 2SA2FE011
Awareness of Dementia - Level 2SA1FE039
Awareness of End of Life Care - Level 2SA1FE021
Awareness of Substance Misuse - Level 1SA1FE042
Care - Level 2SC1FE405
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC2FE317
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC1FE345
Counselling Skills - Level 3SC1FE400
Counselling Skills - Level 3SC2FE361
Falls Prevention Awareness - Level 2SA1FE015
Helping Skills - Level 2SC2FE374
Mental Health Awareness (Early Years Practitioners) - Level 2SC1FE390
Mental Health Awareness - Level 1SA1FE030
Mental Health Awareness - Level 2SC1FE396
Mental Health Awareness - Level 2SA1FE031
Mental Health Awareness - Level 2 (Evening)SC2FE397
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Level 2SA1FE009
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Level 2SC1FE398
Principles of Care Planning - Level 2SC1FE403
Stress Awareness - Level 1SA1FE038
Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities - Level 2SC1FE402
Understanding Behaviour that Challenges (Adults) - Level 2SC1FE404
Understanding Behaviour that Challenges (Adults) - Level 2SC1FE394
Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding - Level 2SA1FE016
Understanding Mental Health - Level 3SC2FE406
Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent - Level 2 (Evening)SC2FE381
Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties - Level 2SC1FE389
Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties - Level 2SC2FE389
Understanding the Principles of Dementia Care - Level 3SC2FE391
Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication - Level 2SA1FE014
Marketing, PR and Event Management
Marketing - Level 2TM1FE018
Public Services
Public Services - Level 3TS1FE135