Full and part time courses are available in a wide range of subject areas whether you want to improve your chances of finding work, change career or develop a new skill. Come to an Open Day or Meet the Experts event to get advice from a subject specialist about the best route to making your career goals a reality.

We have a wide variety of courses at all levels - Levels Explained

Adult Students

At B&FC, it’s never too late to develop your knowledge, skills and experience. We offer a whole raft of qualifications, designed to help you embark on a new career or progress in the one you already have.

Study can be full or part-time and depending on your circumstances you might be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan, help with funding, or help towards the costs of childcare.

Our short community courses can be a great way to try out a potential new career area or simply develop a new skill. Available at venues throughout the Fylde, you can choose from a variety of subjects.

Short employability courses are also on offer to give you the skills and confidence to get a foot onto the career ladder or to venture back into the job market after being away from it for a time.

A degree-level qualification can make you more productive in your current role and equip you to progress to more senior and better-paid positions.


Building and Construction
Achievement Measurement 2 CE1EC159
ACS Comcat 1 Commercial Catering Appliances - Ranges CAT 2 Assessment CM1EC23
ACS Commercial Gas Safety Training CAT1 CM1EC198
ACS Commercial Natural Gas Safety Assessment CM1EC24
ACS Domestic to Commercial Catering Changeover Assessment CAT 1 CM1EC26
AM2 Preparation CE1EC09
Brickwork - Level 3 Diploma (CSkills) CB1FE234
CENWAT (Reassessment) CAT CM1EC174
CENWAT Cat 2 Assessment CM1EC239
Changeover Catering Appliances Training CM1EC28
Combustion Performance Analysis CM1EC220
Combustion Performance Analysis - Assessment CM1EC221
COMCAT 3 (Catering Deep Fat Fryers CAT 2 Assessment) CM1EC126
Commercial Catering Gas Safety Assessment CM1EC43
Commercial Indirect Fired Heating Appliances Assessment CM1EC45
Commercial to Domestic Changeover Assessment CM1EC229
Commercial to Domestic Changeover Training CM1EC228
Cookers (Reassessment) CAT 1 CM1EC172
Cookers/Space Heating Training CAT 2 CM1EC182
CSCS Training/Test and Card CL1EC63
Domestic Central Heating Assessment CAT 2 CM1EC183
Domestic Cookers Assessment CAT 2 CM1EC185
Domestic Ducted Air Heaters Training CAT 2 CM1EC21
Domestic Gas Meters Training CAT 2 CM1EC22
Domestic Gas Safety - Intermediate Gas Certificate CM1EC237
Domestic Space Heaters Assessment CAT 2 CM1EC186
Domestic to Commercial Changeover Assessment CM1EC27
Domestic to Commercial Changeover Training CM1EC217
Domestic Water Heating Assessment CAT 2 CM1EC184
Ducted Air Heaters (Reassessment) CAT 1 CM1EC176
Electrical Installation - Advanced Assessment of Competence (AAC) CE1EC158
Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) - Level 3 Diploma (City and Guilds) CE1EC156
Electrical Installations 17th Edition - Level 3 Award (City and Guilds) CE1EC153
Electrical Installations Inspection and Testing - Level 3 Award (EMTA) CE1EC141
First Fix Commercial Appliances Assessment CM1EC44
First Fix Commercial Pipework Assessment CM1EC42
Health and Safety in a Construction Environment - Level 1 Award (CSkills) CL1EC64
Laundry (Reassessment) CAT 1 CM1EC178
Limited Scope Commercial Gas Safety Assessment CM1EC197
LPG Gas Safety Assessment CAT 1 (PD RPH LAV CMC) CM1EC195
LPG Gas Safety Assessment CAT 2 (PD RPH LAV CMC) CM1EC40
Meters (Reassessment) CAT 1 CM1EC177
Natural Gas Safety (Reassessment) CAT 1 CM1EC171
Natural Gas Safety Assessment CAT 2 CM1EC180
Natural Gas Safety Training CAT 1 CM1EC170
Natural Gas Safety Training CAT 2 CM1EC179
Natural Gas to LPG Changeover Assessment CM1EC190
Natural Gas to LPG Changeover Training CM1EC189
Painting and Decorating - Level 3 Diploma (CSkills) CP1FE86
Plastering (Evening) CB1EC232
Plastering - Level 3 Diploma (CSkills) CB1FE233
Plumbing Studies - Level 3 Diploma (City and Guilds) CM1FE252
Radiant Plaque and Tube Heaters Assessment CM1EC127
Site Carpentry - Level 3 Diploma (CSkills) CC1FE130
Solar Water Heating CM1EC225
Space Heaters (Reassessment) CAT 1 CM1EC173
Testing and Purging 1 Assessment CM1EC230
Testing and Purging Commercial Pipework 2 Assessments CM1EC41
Testing and Purging Commercial Pipework Training CAT 1 CM1EC210
Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems Installation and Service CM1EC188
Water Regulations (1999) Book and Assessment CM1EC187
Computing – ICT for Users
Computers for All GC1EC989
Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture
Learn to Speak Spanish GC2EC2375
Learn to Speak Spanish GC2EC1987
Spanish Conversation (Improvers) GC2EC1487
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