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The Corporation Board

Committees served are shown in brackets

Chair of the Board

Steve Fogg (Search (Chair), Remuneration)


Principal and Chief Executive

Alun Francis OBE (Search)


Vice Chair

Helen Broughton MBE DL (Remuneration Committee (Chair), Quality and Standards (Chair), Search)


Independent Members

Jane Cole (Audit Committee Chair)

Chris Holt (Audit)

Suzy Layton 

Martin Long (Audit, Remuneration)

Adrian Mills (Quality and Standards)

Antony Lockley (Quality and Standards)

Wendy Robinson (Quality and Standards)

Andrea Challis DL


Staff Members

Colleen Hickson

Sandy Lee


Student Members

Mark Chapman

Darren Gorman


Co-opted Subject Specialists

Peter Hewetson (Audit)

Lesley Wareing (Quality and Standards)