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Jane Cole

Independent Member

Managing Director for Blackpool Transport

Jane has been at Blackpool Transport for almost 5 years. 

Jane joined the railway sector in 1997 as a senior manager for Virgin Trains.

She later became a regional business manager delivering on succession plans from British Rail.

Jane left Virgin Trains in July 2014 when she embarked on missionary work in Rwanda before joining Blackpool Transport in November that year.

Today Jane is responsible for running Blackpool's Light Rail Trams, Heritage Trams and buses, and leads a workforce of more than 650 full time employees and 60 volunteers. 

Jane is an inspirational leader with a proven track record of producing visionary business plans which deliver increased profit and enhance the customer experience.

Her current five-year plan to transform the transport network in Blackpool is forging ahead at speed and it will deliver an integrated tram, rail and bus facility at Blackpool North train station by 2022.