Move your career forward with a higher or degree apprenticeship

Higher and degree apprenticeships are a high-quality alternative to the traditional degree route, combining skilled on-the-job training with higher level study. 

What’s great about them?

  • Achieve a higher-level qualification
  • Gain valuable industry experience 
  • Fast-track to your dream career 
  • Earn a full-time wage 
  • No tuition fees to pay

How do they work?

You will spend most of your time in the workplace, developing higher level technical and professional skills. The great thing is you can still access the same College services and resources as traditional degree students. Please note, if you’re not already in full-time employment you will need to find a suitable position.

What’s available?

Higher apprenticeships

  • Accounting - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship (AAT) 
  • Associate Project Manager - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship (EMTA) 
  • Business Administration - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship (OCR) 
  • Data Analyst - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship (BCS)
  • Network Engineer – Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship (BCS)
  • Software Engineer – Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship (BCS)
  • Care Leadership and Management - Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship (City and Guilds) 
  • Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services - Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship (NCFE Cache)
  • Management and Leadership - Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship (OCR) 
  • Operations / Departmental Manager - Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship (CMI)
  • HR Consultant / Partner - Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship (CIPD)

Degree apprenticeships

  • BEng Aerospace Engineering - Lancaster University
  • BEng Nuclear Engineering - Lancaster University
  • BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions
    • Software Engineer - Lancaster University
    • Network Engineer - Lancaster University
    • Cyber Security - Lancaster University
  • CMI Accredited Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeships
    • Business Management (Finance) - Lancaster University
    • Business Management (Human Resources) - Lancaster University
    • Business Management (Leadership) - Lancaster University
    • Business Management (Digital Marketing) - Lancaster University

Coming soon:

Higher apprenticeships

  • Hospitality Manager - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship
  • Passenger Transport Operations Manager - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship 
  • Retail Manager - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship
  • School Business Professional - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship
  • Senior Housing Property Manager - Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship

Degree apprenticeships

  • Materials Scientist

Next steps

For more information, including advice about how to go about finding a suitable position, contact T 01253 504 343 or E

Watch the video of Lucy Smedley - Rolls-Royce Project Analyst/Controller