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Degrees at B&FC - Too good not to share!

Our alumni have gone on to some amazing careers thanks to their degree from B&FC. Here are just a few of their stories.

Doing a degree - what's stopping you?

Whilst it's easy to look at the current climate with the UK’s relatively buoyant job market and the rising cost of living and think that now isn't the time to do a degree, we disagree. Graduates earn more on average than their non-graduate counterparts and a ceiling still exists in many careers which means you simply won't be promoted beyond a certain level without a higher qualification. 


Think you can't afford to do a degree? Think again. There are plenty of financial options available with some funding that you don't have to pay back no matter how much you earn in the future. Visit our Financial Support page for all the details.


Many of our degree courses require attendance just one day a week and students often find they can fit work around this or make alternative arrangements with their employers to give them the time they need to study, especially if they are upskilling in their current career.


Worried you're going to be the only mature student on your course? At B&FC, lots of students are returning to study after some time away from education so you certainly won't be alone. 


It's natural to be concerned that you won't make the grade but there's so much support available once you're here (and even before your course begins) to ensure you're on the path to success right from the start. Find out more on our Student Support and Wellbeing page.

Ready to write the first chapter?
Can't wait to start your story, go straight to our course search page, and discover which degree courses and higher and degree apprenticeships we offer. Call our Course Enquiries Team on 01253 504343 and they'll put you in touch with our industry experts to answer any queries you might have.

Start the path to success

  • Employment ready

    9 out of 10 B&FC graduates are in work or further study within one year

  • Earn more

    40% of B&FC’s graduates are in highly skilled employment earning £33,000 or more, compared with 15% nationally

Marvyn - Asset Engineer, Network Rail

Degree Studied: BEng (Hons) Mechatronics Engineering
Achieved: First Class Honours
Previous job: Technician
Chose B&FC because: At the Open Day, the tutors gave me the confidence to really believe that doing a degree was within my capability.
Best thing about studying here: Unbelievable support. My tutors went the extra mile to help me, even calling me out of hours to give me advice when I was doing shift work.
Outlook: Before my degree I thought my career options were limited. Now I don't put those limitations on myself. I've been promoted several times and I've only just graduated.
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Jane - Business Owner

Degree Studied: BA (Hons) Accountancy
Achieved: First Class Honours
Previous job: Accounts Assistant
Chose B&FC because: As a mature student, I was able to fit my work and family responsibilities, which included looking after my elderly father, around my studies. Attending just one day a week really helped.
Best thing about studying here: The support from the tutors and my fellow students. We all pushed each other to achieve the best we possibly could. At least three quarters of our group graduated with first class honours.
Outlook: Although I already had professional accountancy qualifications, getting a degree really boosted my confidence. So much so that when the business I worked for went up for sale, I really did believe I could make a success of running it so I raised a bank loan and bought it.
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Neil - Head of Building Safety

Degree Studied: HNC in Construction and the Built Environment
Achieved: Student of the Year
Previous job: I worked in the travel industry
Chose B&FC because: It offered all the expertise and knowledge I needed to assimilate in order to do my new role effectively.
Best thing about studying here: The academic support was outstanding. I graduated with a distinction and was nominated for the Construction School Student of the Year which I shared with a fellow student.
Outlook: Following my redundancy from travel, I really did worry about how we were going to make ends meet. Since doing the degree at B&FC, which took me in a completely different direction, my career has gone from strength to strength.
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Lorna - Engine Programmer, Rare

Degree Studied: BSc(Hons) Software Engineering (Games Development)
Achieved: First Class Honours
Previous job: A catalogue of low-paid, dead-end roles because I didn't have the qualifications to apply for anything else.
Chose B&FC because: I discovered you could study for a degree in games development there. I've been gaming for years but didn't know I could turn my passion into a career until an ad popped up for the College.
Best thing about studying here: The small class sizes and the one-to-one support made a real difference. The tutors even helped me to prepare for my internship interview at Rare - an XBox Games Studio.
Outlook: I simply wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the College. I'm working in an industry I love, doing a highly skilled role that my degree prepared me for perfectly. I look back fondly on my time at B&FC as this course changed my life.
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Dale - Postgraduate study, St Mary's Twickenham

Degree Studied: BSc(Hons) Sports Coaching and Performance Science
Chose B&FC because: I wanted to get a degree but also stay close to home to be near family and friends - it was a great balance.
Best thing about studying here: The knowledge and support of my lecturers was incredible. One tutor in particular was amazing. He not only helped me to pursue my aspirations within sport, but also helped me to achieve many of my personal goals. I really can't thank him enough.
Outlook: I've just completed my PGCE so I'm now about to look for a role which will hopefully allow me to become the kind of inspirational teacher for my students that my lecturers were for me.
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