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B&FC for Business provides organisations with a huge range of training opportunities - from short courses to apprenticeships.

To make sure our courses are what you need to succeed, we co-create them with businesses.

We've been helping businesses to grow for more than 130 years. In that time we've learned how training can transform organisations.

We don't expect businesses to know exactly the training they need. That's why most of our conversations begin with a short needs analysis session. Because sustainable success is always built on solid foundations.

We can work with you to identify your specific workforce requirements and provide a solution which fits your needs – no matter what level of training is required.

B&FC offers a full-service package to help align training and development with company objectives. 

We currently work with more than 1,800 partner employers locally, regionally and nationally.

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If you've got business objectives but need a hand achieving them, B&FC is here to help.

We'll listen to your plans and provide you with a strategy on upskilling your team for sustainable success.

Drop us a line and we'll be in touch to arrange a date and time to suit you.

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Courses for you

B&FC for Business offers courses across the following sectors and topics:

  • Automotive
  • Catering, hospitality and leisure
  • Construction
  • Early years, teaching and childcare
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Health and social care
  • Professional services
  • Health and safety

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Achievement Measurement 2CE1EC159
Achievement Measurement 2eCE1EC165
Achievement Measurement 2sCE1EC164
AM2 PreparationCE1EC09
AM2E Post-April 2010 - Containment and Safe Isolation UnitCE1EC167
AM2E Pre-April 2010 - Testing and Safe Isolation UnitCE1EC166
Bricklayer - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00020
Carpentry and Joinery (Architectural Joinery) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00032
Carpentry and Joinery (Architectural Joinery) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00023
Carpentry and Joinery (Architectural Joinery) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00030
Carpentry and Joinery (Site Carpentry) - Advanced Apprenticeship WB00029
Carpentry and Joinery (Site Carpentry) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00024
Carpentry and Joinery (Site Carpentry) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00031
CENWAT (Reassessment) CATCM1EC174
Construction Site Supervision - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipCN00003
Cookers/Space Heating Training CAT 2CM1EC182
CSCS Training/Test and CardCL1EC63
Domestic to Commercial Changeover TrainingCM1EC217
Gas Certificate for Domestic Engineers (MLP)CM1EC242
Installation Electrician / Maintenance Electrician - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00027
Natural Gas Safety (Reassessment) CAT 1CM1EC171
Natural Gas Safety Training CAT 1CM1EC170
Painter and Decorator - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00019
Plastering (Evening)CB1EC232
Plastering - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00025
Plastering - Level 2WN1EE8191
Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00026
Property Maintenance Operative - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00013
Trowel Occupations - Level 2WN1EE8192
Unvented Hot WaterCM1EC243
Wood Occupations (Architectural Joiner) - Level 2WN1EE8193
Wood Occupations (Site Carpentry) - Level 2WN1EE8194
Creative Arts
Pattern MakingVE1EC41
Pre Apprenticeship (Traineeship)WGSP1001
Abrasive WheelsET1EC300
CAD - Computer Aided Design (3D) - Level 1ET1FE005
CAD - Computer Aided Design (3D) - Level 2ET1EC297
Engineering Manufacturing Technician - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipEN00087
Engineering Operative (Electrical Electronic) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWE00019
Engineering Operative (Fabrication) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWE00020
Engineering Operative (Maintenance) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWE00022
Engineering Operative (Materials, Processing and Finishing) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWE00018
Engineering Operative (Mechanical Manufacturing) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWE00021
Engineering Operative (Technical Support) - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWE00017
Engineering Technician (Machining) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00024
Engineering Technician (Technical Support) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00023
IMI Accreditation Senior Paint ATA BSI 11025/PAS125EN1EE8071
IMI Accreditation Senior Paint Re-Accreditation (BSI 11025) EN1EE8028
IMI Accreditation Senior Panel Re-Accreditation (BSI 11025)EN1EE8126
Metal Fabricator - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00025
Nuclear Engineering - Degree Apprenticeship (Subject to Validation)EN00067
Nuclear Simulation - 1 day awarenessET1EC330
Nuclear Simulation - 2 day awarenessET1EC331
TWI CSWIP (3.0) Visual Welding InspectionET1EC325
TWI CSWIP (3.1) Welding InspectorET1EC327
TWI CSWIP (3.2) Senior Welding InspectorET1EC328
TWI Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Appreciation of Basic TechniquesET1EC329
Welding - Level 1ET1FE002
Welding - Level 2ET1FE003
Welding and Fabrication Practice - Level 3ET1EC323
Welding Skills - Level 2ET2EC346
Welding TIG MasterclassET1EC303
Welding Training CourseET1EC298
Welding Training Course - 2 DayET1EC299