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Bakery (Professional) - Level 2


This course is for anyone interested in a career in the bakery industry. The course looks at the ingredients used to make products and the science behind them. As well as theory units that are assessed on assignment work and short test papers you will undertake extensive practical assessments that cover a wide range of dough, pastry, cake, chocolate and decoration. You will also cover food safety and have the opportunity to complete your food allergen certificate from the Food Standards Agency.  

Next course dates

Start date Location Duration
02 Sep 2024
Bispham Campus
1 Year
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Where can this subject lead?

Career progression

You could progress onto further study on the Level 3 Diploma in Professional Bakery or the Level 3 Certificate in Patisserie and Confectionery.

The career options can be divided into two types: plant bakery and craft bakery.

Plant bakery is mass production and normally automated work that often goes on for 24 hours a day. Most bread products are made in this way. The main product of plant bakeries is bread, pre-packed cakes and pastries.

In plant bakeries, operators and assistants control various types of machinery that prepare dough and then pass it through different processes. These processes include moulding, proving (rising the dough), baking, cooling, slicing and wrapping.

Craft bakeries tend to be smaller and produce a greater variety of goods, but in smaller quantities. There is greater scope for creative work such as icing or decorating celebration cakes in the craft side of baking.

Key information

Entry Requirements

GCSE Maths and English at 4 and above, in addition to:

  • a successful interview with a tutor
  • the ability to study independently
  • a genuine interest in the subject
  • good communication skills
  • hardworking approach towards the industry

For adult students aged 19+, no previous training or experience is required however, you must have a keen interest in the subject. You should have good communication and dexterity skills and have a professional attitude towards learning.

Essential Skills – English and Maths

If you achieve a grade 3 in GCSE Maths or English you will have to work towards re-sitting these subjects as part of your main study programme. At B&FC, this won’t delay your career journey because you’re working towards these subjects at the same time as your chosen subject.

Qualification obtained

Certificate in Professional Bakery

Extra costs and equipment

All resources required are provided by B&FC.

Tuition Fees

Students who are 18 and under do not usually pay tuition fees. If you are 19+ please read our tuition fees guide for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Read our full terms and conditions for more information.

Regulation and Accreditation

Accrediting Institution: N/A

Awarding Body: FDQ

Regulatory Body: Ofsted

What will I learn?

Industry placement, field trips and guest speakers

This course has a mandatory work placement of 20 hours and 1 optional field trip.

How will I be assessed?

How will I be assessed?

Formal practical assessments agreed by you and your tutor. This will take the form of practical observation and verbal questioning. The assessment will be formally documented with feedback and results.