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Upskill your workforce

Empower your employees with the communication and numerical skills to tackle the challenges they face in today's fast-moving workplaces with our Employability Skills qualifications

Working towards key qualifications in English, maths and computing allows your colleagues to thrive and your business to grow.

Employees will be able to apply these skills to different contexts, take on challenges, use their initiative, work independently, and realise that tasks often need persistence, thought and reflection.


Benefits to your business

  • Higher quality products and services 
  • Better communications - employees will work better in teams, participate in discussions, and listen and react appropriately 
  • Customer satisfaction - by providing friendly customer service, accurate order processing and the speedy resolution of complaints, custom will be retained and gained 
  • Confident, motivated employees - employees will adapt well to change and have the underpinning skills to develop other job skills 
  • Better recruitment and staff retention - if you invest in learning, you will attract a high calibre of job applicants, staff turnover will reduce, experienced staff will be retained and recruitment costs saved. 


"These are practical skills in English, Mathematics and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that allow individuals to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and work.” - Department for Education and Skills


Benefits to your staff

  • Greater job satisfaction - due to more autonomy, variety and work pride 
  • The ability to take advantage of promotion and training opportunities, possibly leading to increased earnings of up to 10% 
  • Reduced stress and more confidence in their personal lives - ability to manage finances, exploit new technologies, help with children’s homework. 


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