10 ways to take care of your mental health and wellbeing

We're all human. We all need others to help us be our best.

Which is why it's important to know there are loads of free services and resources out there with your wellbeing in mind.

It's important that you know you're never alone. That you should never suffer in silence, because there is always someone to talk to.

Struggling with your studies?

  1. Contact your tutor - via Teams, your virtual learning environment (Moodle or Canvas) or email, during normal teaching hours.
  2. Alternatively, get in touch with B&FC's Student Support and Wellbeing team. You're the team's number one priority. To organise a good time for a chat, complete this short form.
  3. If you prefer something to read, visit the wellbeing resources on Moodle.

It's important not to feel overwhelmed or overloaded. B&FC is focused on your wellbeing. Let us know as soon as you feel like work is getting on top of you and together we'll work on ways to find different ways to get your studying on track. 

Besides B&FC, there are lots of amazing services out there to restore your sense of balance and get you feeling positive and inspired by the future.

We can assure you that beyond lockdown, better days are ahead.

We've put together 10 great wellbeing resources and services including some which offer a listening ear 24 hours a day.

For further links to support visit B&FC’s Current Student FAQs.

  1. FACE COVID is a set of practical steps for responding effectively to the coronavirus lockdown. Dr Russ Harris, author of the international best-seller The Happiness Trap, illustrates how to use ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Watch this short video and download supporting notes.
  2. Every Mind Matters. This great service is provided by the NHS to help you keep on top of your mental wellbeing and cope with staying at home. Watch videos on reframing unhelpful thoughts, keep learning, mindful breathing, home workouts and sleep tips. On the website you can even create a personalised action plan recommending a set of self-care actions to deal with stress, boost mood, improve sleep and feel in control. Visit the Every Mind Matters website and check out some of the NHS excellent wellbeing apps that can help on matters ranging from getting active to stopping smoking.
  3. Big White Wall. The Big White Wall is a free completely anonymous service that allows you to access peer support and tailored self-help programmes. Big White Wall is an all-in-one digital mental health support service.
  4. The Mental Health Foundation lists random acts of kindness applicable to the Covid19 outbreak.
  5. The Coping Calendar: Keep Calm, Stay Wise, Be Kind, has 30 suggested actions to look after each other and ourselves as we face this global crisis together.
  6. The Wellbeing & Mental Health support helpline is open 365 days a year, Monday to Friday 7pm until 11pm and Saturdays and Sundays, noon until Midnight. Call free on 0800 915 4640 or text 07860 022 846.
  7. Text SHOUT to 85258 - a free, 24/7 text messaging service to chat by text about anything that's worrying you, or for a listening ear when life gets overwhelming and you need support. More resources are available at https://www.giveusashout.org/get-help/.
  8. The Samaritans are here whenever you need them. For a friend who you can rely on, any time of the day or night, call 116123 - totally free.
  9. Looking for more helplines? Head over to https://www.headstogether.org.uk/get-support/.
  10. If you have coronavirus symptoms - a high temperature and persistent cough - have a read of health guidance at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.