Shelley Moss

Programme Leader Acting

Shelley Moss


Shelley originally trained as an actress and specialised in physical theatre, before becoming the Founder and Artistic Director of the Libre Theatre Company.

She has have worked extensively as both an actress and a director at home and abroad across a range of genres, including television, film and the theatre. Her considerable experience has proved invaluable in her present role as Programme Leader for B&FC’s BA (Hons) Acting.

Shelley is an active practitioner, where possible performing with Manchester’s Contact Theatre to support new writers in getting their work from page to stage. A freelance director, she is also on the education panel at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre.

Recently, Shelley has collaborated with the Royal Court writer James Stock, performing in his pieces Le Ciel Ne Veut Pas De Quoi (in French and in English), Star Gazy Pie and Sauerkraut.

She is currently completing her Doctorate in Education, specialising in Avant Garde, Dadaism and Physical Theatre.

Expert In...

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Qualifications and Accolades

• National Teacher Research Panel (current)
• Advanced Skills Teacher, Westminster Consultants (current)
• National Lead Practitioner UK for Performing Arts (former)
• Doctorate in Education (current)

Industry Background

Twenty years’ experience as an actor and director in theatre, film and television.

Professional Activities

Where possible, I perform with the Contact Theatre in Manchester, working with new writers to get their work from page to stage. I am also on the education panel at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre and work as a freelance director.

Why B&FC?

I want the opportunity to compete with the traditional training model of ‘London drama schools’. At B&FC, we have a 100% satisfaction rate and an 85% representation rate (National Student Survey), which outperforms any London drama school. I want to prove that the right training and discipline precedes reputation.


“The ultimate aim of the training is to create an actor who can be responsible for his/her artistic development and achievement.” - Stella Adler