Paulina MacKrell


Paulina MacKrell


Paulina’s interest in tourism studies was inspired by childhood rural hill walks and trips to busy urban spaces, and an innate curiosity as to how these spectacular places had been created and managed.

While studying tourism, Paulina had the opportunity to spend three months in Walt Disney World in the US, which illustrated the power of good tourism management and allowed her to develop a wider understanding of destination planning and development.

Paulina’s academic background is interdisciplinary: she graduated in Tourism Management, which she followed with an MA in Research Methodologies and Globalisation and Development, and a PhD in Human Geography. Her research encompasses interdisciplinary studies, mainly focusing on domestic tourism, human geography and migration.

Expert In...

• tourism studies (in particular domestic tourism and niche tourism)
• visitor attractions
• human and rural geography
• population studies
• migration
• research methods and analysis

Courses I Teach

Qualifications and Accolades

• PhD Human Geography – Keele University (2017 Submission)
• Learning and Teaching in HE - Keele University (2015)
• MA Research Methods Geographies in Globalisation and Development – University of Liverpool (2013)
• PGCE – Lancaster University at B&FC (2012)
• International Resort Tourism Management - Lancaster University at B&FC (2011)
• HE Academy Fellow (2014)

Industry Background

I have extensive experience of the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, gained through managerial positions and secondments with employers such as Walt Disney World in the US. I have also taken the lead on several research projects, from design through to research, transcriptions and analysis.

Professional Activities

• Speaker at the Royal Geographical Conference:
2016 – ‘New migrants and rural space’
2017 – ‘Contested rural voices: EU8 migrants as silent actors in the English countryside’
• Speaker at the Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference 2017 – ‘Rural cosmopolitanism: people, localities and mobilities’
• Active member of the University of Oxford's Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)
• Active member of the HE Academy
• Active member of the Critical Tourism Studies Group
• Researcher at Liverpool University – Human Geography, Material Migration
• Researcher - The Leverhulme Trust Project

Why B&FC?

I was drawn to B&FC by its mission and strong values, which reflect everything we do: ‘Leadership in learning; excellence at work’. I am proud to say that we always focus ‘placing the student at the heart of all we do’. The College is committed to providing a highly responsive curriculum, which is employment and future-focused. This enables students to develop the essential knowledge and skills needed for their future success, in work and in life.


“Don’t stop until you’re proud.” - Unknown