Genette Harrison




I was born in Blackpool, and still live nearby - the town’s success is very important to me.

Expert In...

• modern acting techniques
• comedy performance
• avant garde theatre
• ‘poor theatre’

Courses I Teach

    Qualifications and Accolades

    • Masters Making Performance
    • PGCE
    • BA (Hons) Acting

    Industry Background

    I have been active in the arts since graduating from my Acting degree, and I regularly undertake research connected to the art of performing and directing.

    Professional Activities

    I have been teaching at B&FC since 2015, during which time I also undertook my Master’s degree specific to Grotowski’s Poor Theatre and how this connects pedagogically to directing.

    Why B&FC?

    At B&FC we are able to tailor an education that is right for you, as opposed to a generic system of learning that does not place the student at its heart.


    “A child can look at a floating twig and see a great ocean liner, and he doesn’t have to deny the existence of the twig to do so.”
    (Benedetti cited in Wang, 2008)