Dr Marion Schulze


Dr Marion Schulze


Marion is passionate about higher education and started her career in 1990, teaching and researching business studies at a German University.

She remained there for seven years, at which point she took up a role leading project teams in high profile companies.

Marion reverted to a teaching role in 2004, this time in the UK. She is now a member of B&FC’s Project Management Team.

Expert In...

Business studies (especially project management, accounting, logistics and supply chain management, and enterprise systems)

Courses I Teach

Qualifications and Accolades

• PhD in Business Studies (1996)
• BSc and MSc in Business Studies (1989)

Industry Background

I gained more than six years’ industry experience as Principle Consultant at PwC Hamburg, Germany, mainly conducting SAP projects, leading FI/CO teams and as Systems Analyst at HEW, today Vattenfall Europe, leading project teams.

Professional Activities

I am a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Why B&FC?

I love our highly motivated staff, our great team, our successful courses, the success of our College and our inspiring philosophy.


“Constant racing is exhausting. It is a damaging expectation and can become a bad habit. Occasional racing is fun and sometimes necessary to survive. Let us rethink how we can create a project culture with openly accepted occasional racing in a competitive world.”