Deborah Audin

Senior Tutor Support and Guidance

Deborah Audin


Deborah has 30 years’ childcare experience, consisting of nannying, voluntary work, and working as a play-worker and then childcare practitioner to support students within an early years setting. She has also assessed within the early years sector.

Deborah chose to work in further education (FE) as she had previously worked to support students in the setting and really enjoyed it. She also found that supporting them came naturally as she had many years of experience and knowledge to share with them.

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Courses I Teach

    Qualifications and Accolades

    Industry Background

    I have taught in FE for the past 11 years and many of my students have gone on to achieve successful careers in the sector. One student is nannying in Australia while another is now the manager of a nursery and many have gone on to higher education (HE) to pursue a career in teaching. I also tutored the first B&FC student to gain a place at the prestigious Norland College.

    Professional Activities

    Networking with current practitioners allows me to keep up-to-date with changes in policies and practices and to explore the impact of these.

    This year I have completed industry days at UR Potential to support myself and my students in completing a new qualification.

    I also attend weekly staff development sessions to support teaching and learning, several of which I have delivered in my capacity as Senior Tutor Support and Guidance.

    Why B&FC?

    B&FC is an extremely supportive employer. I love the College ethos and am fortunate to work in such a close supportive team.