Alison McIntyre


Alison McIntyre


Alison is a further education (FE) lecturer. She has worked in the health and social care sector for over 12 years and taught in the lifelong learning sector since 2004.

Alison has experience of working with the regulation of care services, supporting the development of the quality of care in the North West.

Expert In...

Health and social care

Courses I Teach

Qualifications and Accolades

  • Professional Certificate in Education L5
  • Certificate in Leadership and Management L5
  • D32/33/34
  • A1/V1
  • NVQ Delivering Learning and Development L4
  • NVQ HSC L4
  • Certificate in Delivering Learning L3
  • ICT L3
  • NVQ HSC L3
  • NVQ HSC L3
  • Numeracy L2

Industry Background

I am experienced in working in the young people and adult care sector, managing residential care settings and domiciliary care provision. I have experience of the regulation of care provision, working at the Commission for Social Care Inspection (now CQC) to promote quality care in the North West.

Professional Activities

  • grassroots staff development
  • industrial updating
  • working towards a BA (Hons) Professional Practice (MH and LD)

Why B&FC?

I have studied various courses at B&FC and I am currently working towards a BA (Hons) Professional Practice. My learning experiences have been positive and have supported the development of my career in lecturing.


My favourite is by Claire Fagin: “Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.”