Steph Blears McCann

Studied BA Hons Business and Financial Management at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (Age: 54) / Graduated July 2019

My Story

“I was a manager before I came to study, however I was diagnosed with a heart condition and only given either twelve months to live, or the option of an open heart surgery. With neither option looking great, I had the surgery and when that went well I realised how I should grab every opportunity with both hands and make the most of life. I had always wanted to do a degree so I enrolled myself on this course! Having been a manager, this course seemed the most suited to my skill set. I decided to come to Blackpool and the Fylde College because my husband and daughter both studied here and enjoyed it, and we live local. It seemed to be the logical option.”


“I can’t choose a single highlight or favourite part of the course; I loved every single moment of it. In my first year and the first term of second year, I studied for a day and a half a week and for the rest of second year and for my third year I studied for just one day a week. This fit quite well with my life and gave me chance to spend some time with my family. Although I found some of the work challenging because I haven’t done academic studies in a while, it was worth it, and I would advise new students to stick with it. Don’t believe those who say that doing a degree is easy because it isn’t. But sticking with it and working hard will get you where you want to be. Getting my degree has given me the confidence to know that I can do it, and it has given me the chance to progress in what I do. I am so glad I came back to do my degree, it was a great decision.” 

My Next Move...

“I’m not too certain on what I want to do with my degree at the moment. I’m looking at higher paid jobs for now, because, after getting my degree, my promotion prospects are looking better. Now I am in the civil service, so I have the chance to have a look at lots of different options to see what I might want to do eventually. So I suppose I don’t really have a specific dream job; the dream would to just have a job that I feel settled and happy in, and one where I can actually use my degree and not waste it!”

My Opportunities

“During my course, I didn’t need to go on placements or carry out voluntary work. But I think that if I needed to, the support would have been there to help me find a placement that suited me. The tutors were great and always ever so helpful.” 


“I can’t choose a single highlight or favourite part of the course; I loved every single moment of it!"