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Niki McIntosh

Studied BA Hons Project Management at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (Age: 30) / Graduated July 2019

My Story

“I’ve worked at Blackpool and the Fylde College for eleven years. I started off working in administration and school links, part of which saw me showing children around when looking at Blackpool and the Fylde as a potential option for their choice of college. Doing this, I picked up jobs doing events, such as graduation. This is actually what triggered my intrigue for project management and is mainly the reason I studied this course. I chose to come here partly for convenience because I live near, but also because I work here full-time. A friend recommended doing this course here, and I’m really glad I did.”


“I’ve enjoyed a lot of my course over the five years I have studied it, especially the tutors. They were always so supportive and would always be there to help if I needed it. They would involve me in all the lessons which made me feel more comfortable. I especially enjoyed the experienced examples they used to use, because it helped me put theory into context. The relatively small class sizes helped too. I would say they were around 15 people, but got smaller with time. This was good because you have more interaction with the tutors and you don’t feel as lost in a sea of people. I would definitely say for me that the smaller the class, the better, because you don’t have to worry about not being involved in the class discussions or feeling lost in the content. I’m quite lucky that, with having my job in projects here at the college, it was almost as if I was learning on the job; I could put the theory I was learning to use straight away! The classes definitely fit in well with my working here as well, because I would study one day a week, and I could work the rest of the week. Even though some of the material was challenging to understand at times, the support was excellent. HELMS was good in my first few years to double check my work before I sent it off and like I said, tutors were always supportive. My best piece of advice for new starters would be to stay calm. You’ll get there, just stick with it.”

My Next Move...

“Soon, I start my new job at PFP energy in Preston, which is really exciting! I am surprised at how quickly it has come around since finishing my degree, and it makes me realise that I’ve done this for myself, and I should be proud of myself. Ultimately, my dream job would be project managing a housing development, and I think one day I’ll get there! For now, though, I’m looking forward to my new start.”

My Opportunities

“Whilst I was studying for my degree and also working here, I didn’t have any time to do placements or experience, but there was a cool trip that we got to go on at the energy HQ. We did a discussion panel where we answered questions on different topics. A lot of people from my course were there as a part of BAE systems, and so they were interested in what I had to say. Our experiences were very different so it was great to have that varied experience to ask each other about. And like I said before, working here at the same time as studying meant I could put my knowledge to use, which was great!”


"The tutors would always involve me in all the lessons which made me feel more comfortable. I especially enjoyed the experienced examples they used to use, because it helped me put theory into context."