Kendal Brown

Studied CIPD Level 5 HR Management at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (Age: 31) / Graduated July 2019

My Story

“I am already a Human Resources Director so I am in the field, but wanted to get more qualifications to better myself in the role. I chose to come to Blackpool and the Fylde because it was easy to get to; I work in Blackpool and I live in St. Annes so it fit nicely around work and home to come here.”


“The smaller classes worked well for me; there were about 20-22 people in my class which was nice because we could all bounce off of each other and share ideas. I only had to come into the college one day a week which, again, fit really nicely with my life because my work were very flexible with my hours and I could sort childcare out in the evenings. My tutors were really supportive and helpful, particularly in one of my final terms where work was busy and I was given an extension for my work deadline. I found it quite easy to return to studying after having children and working full time, and it was definitely the right decision to come back. I did find it quite challenging to find the time to do the work, which was the reason I needed to ask for an extension in the end. However, my best advice for that is to stagger your work out; don’t leave it all until the last minute.”

My Next Move...

“I suppose my ultimate dream would be an employment law solicitor, but for now I am planning on carrying on in my current job, hoping to further qualify and progress both in my own job and in the general field of Human Resources.”

My Opportunities

“Whilst I was doing my course, as well as working and having two young children, I didn’t find that I had the time to do any extra-curricular or voluntary work, but I don’t feel like my career has been negatively affected by this.”


"My best advice for that is to stagger your work out; don’t leave it all until the last minute.”