Julie Pinington Wright

Studied BA Hons Photography at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (Age: 39) / Graduated July 2019

My Story

“Before coming back to do a degree, I was a housewife caring for my children for a few years and had just reached the stage of my life where I felt like I needed to pursue my love of photography. I researched various courses and university programs and decided that coming here fit nicely to my requirements. I felt really comfortable from the first time I came to look around, and I’ve now made friends for life.”


“I’m married and I have four daughters, so you can imagine how much I needed my degree to fit in with my life. The timetable varied, but on average I studied three days a week and that worked fine. One of my favourite highlights of the course has to be an exhibition in London that I got to go to which was a great opportunity to network and create my own opportunities for the future. The tutors are excellent and I’d like to think that they have become my friends over the years I’ve been here. Their mentoring, guidance and advice is invaluable and I would say to anyone that they should take all the specialist help they can get. It comes at no extra cost and they fit appointments into your schedule. I can’t say that my degree wasn’t a challenge, but I think that without challenges you don’t get to grow or develop, and these challenges have transformed my way of thinking and has gotten me to take paths I never dreamed of taking before! I’d advise new students to use your course to fuel your passion because you get out what you put in. And have fun along the way! My course was three years and you wouldn’t believe how fast the time has gone.”

My Next Move...

“Now I am applying for a master’s degree at the University of Bolton, regrettably not at Blackpool since they don’t run a master’s degree. I’ve managed to do this with the help of the tutors’ advice when writing my master’s degree proposal, and I’m really glad. I suppose ultimately my dream job would be to teach photography to students with special educations needs as well as using my work to give people a voice when perhaps they don’t have one. I’d love to work for organisations such as Oxfam who travel to areas of need to raise awareness. That’s the dream.”

My Opportunities

“The trip to London that I mentioned earlier was a great opportunity for me, but I also founded a charity/fundraiser a few years ago called ‘The Fun Appeal’, which fundraises for unmet needs. I managed to incorporate what I was learning in my degree into my fundraising and work efforts. I also got to travel to Africa earlier this year to work on ‘Ubuntu’ which was an awareness and fundraising project for my degree. Although I was extremely nervous about returning to education, I was pleasantly surprised to see diversity of ages and being made to feel so welcome assured me that I definitely did make the right decision to come back. I poured my heart and soul into my degree and thanks to that I got, not only a first class honours, but recognition for ‘The Fun Appeal’.”


"I felt really comfortable from the first time I came to look around, and I’ve now made friends for life.”