Joanne Kearns

Studied BA Hons Management (top-up from foundation degree) at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (Age: 53) / Graduated July 2019

My Story

“I did a foundation degree about six years ago and I wanted to top up my knowledge. I live locally, so coming to Blackpool and the Fylde College made sense. It’s a good place to study and it meant I could study part-time whilst I was still working. I’m really glad I came back, it was so worth it.”


“I enjoyed all of my course. I only had to come in to college one day a week which fit really well with family life and work, because I could have the day off from work to go to university and I wouldn’t lose too much pay. I found the tutors to be excellent; they were always on the end of an email when you needed their help. I’ve not been well recently and the tutors were incredibly supportive in helping me to still do my work, including letting me sit my final exam in hospital. The small classes, which started at around 15 people, were friendly and allowed easier group discussion. The resources at the college were also good; there were always enough computers to use in the library. Although I’ve not used them, I’ve heard the careers team are excellent. I’m 53, so I didn’t feel the need for help into employment but I have no doubts that everyone at the college would have been eager to help, had I needed it. Like I said, I’m really glad I came back to do my degree, and I would definitely say to new students that they should attend class every week and not leave work until the last minute. Being prepared makes all the difference.”

My Next Move...

“I’m not too sure what I’m going to do next, because I’m trying to get my health back properly first, but I suppose my ultimate dream would be to open a shop and for it to do well.”

My Opportunities

“As it was a top-up degree, I didn’t need to do any placements or voluntary work. However, in my foundation degree I got to work at Marks and Spencer for around four days, which was exciting. Also, after I finished my foundation degree, I opened my own business but it wasn’t the right time for it to succeed, unfortunately.”


"I found the tutors to be excellent; they were always on the end of an email when you needed their help."