Daniel Moorhouse

Studied Web Technologies and Digital Media B.Sc (Hons.) at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (Age: 38) / Graduated July 2019

Image of former student

My Story

“Before I came back to university, I was working as a bus and tram driver and had had enough of the shifts, weekend work and stress. I hadn't used computers since my twenties and, considering the undeniable fact that the world is becoming more and more technology driven, we decided that web development was the day forward. After my wife, Nic, had been offered voluntary redundancy which she took, we decided to apply to the course together. I applied for student finance, handed in my notice and became a full-time student within a month. Not only was Blackpool and the Fylde College extremely convenient to us as we live local, but the Lancaster University degrees and the recommendations we received during the time of deciding whether or not to attend here really swayed our decision in a positive way. The thought of coming back to study after not being in education since 1997 was difficult but as soon as I started here I knew that it was right for me, and I’ve had an absolutely brilliant experience. I’m so glad I did it!"


“My favourite part of the course was, undeniably, the people that I had the pleasure of studying with. The positive learning environment helped me to overcome my fears such as presenting research to the class or just speaking in general, and I enjoyed the challenge more than anything. I’ll be honest, I never imagined how hard it would be, but that makes the end result so much sweeter. The tutors were fantastic right from the beginning; they were down to earth, approachable, professional and hilarious. Nothing was ever too much to ask, and I always felt like the support was there when I needed it. Studying at the same time as my wife has been incredibly helpful – I would even say it’s been an advantage. We worked together on problems, made sure we both understood everything, built websites together and discussed each other’s projects. It was great having someone going through the same thing at the same time! While us both studying has been great, it’s also been a struggle to find time for our two boys. With the main source of income being student finance, it was a struggle to afford to do nice things with them, but it was worth it and we still managed to take them on nice trips in the summer holidays. The classes are a good size of about 20 people, which was just right for me, and the integration of stand-up presentations and interviews in the modules helped me to open up more which helped in interviews further down the line. It instils a work ethic in you like nothing I’ve experience before and I’d just advise new students to put your seat belt on because you’re going for a crazy ride! Honestly, prepare yourselves, embrace the work and reap the rewards.”

My Next Move...

“I am currently working at the college as a web developer on an initial temporary contract. I’m enjoying it, and I’m hopeful that the contract will be extended. Ultimately, my dream job would be a web or software developer. I have a passion for both which is great because it opens up plenty of job opportunities for me.”

My Opportunities

“As our work placement, Nicola and I rebuilt our son’s school website. It was a great experience and was our first real interaction with a client.” 


"The positive learning environment helped me to overcome my fears such as presenting research to the class or just speaking in general, and I enjoyed the challenge more than anything."