Carolyn Foy

Studied BA Hons Business and Financial Management at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (age: 43) / Graduated July 2019

My Story

“Before coming to do my degree, I managed a café for three years. I liked it but I was working ridiculously long hours and didn’t get to see my children. So, I decided to change my path to working with adults who have learning difficulties. It was fantastic and a complete eye-opener, but I then fell pregnant with my youngest son. Once I was finishing maternity leave with him, I decided I didn’t want to go back to what I was doing, and that I wanted a complete change. Something new. I had always wanted to work in finance but never had the chance to, so I started looking and I found the AAT course here. It fit me perfectly, especially as I live nearby in Cleveleys. Also, I was studying during school hours so I had no problems being able to still look after my youngest son after he had finished school.”


“I would have to say that my favourite part of the university experience at Blackpool and the Fylde College was meeting new people. I’m still friends with some of them now! I also loved learning new things, and the feeling of doing something just for me. I have four children, so my time is always spent making sure the family are happy, and doing something that was just for me was really nice. For the first two years of my course, I studied two days a week, and in my final year I studied just one day a week. This fit perfectly because, as I said before, I could study and then pick up my son from school. I genuinely think that it would be difficult to find somewhere else that would accommodate your availability. I know people who worked four days a week, I know people who did it in the evenings. The college and the course fits in with you and you don’t get that everywhere. Just to add, the tutors are amazing. I know everybody says this, but it’s genuinely true! They are always there for you to ask when you’re stuck on a piece of work. Once, I emailed a tutor of mine after working hours on a Friday expecting a reply on the Monday, but I got a reply on the Saturday morning! You wouldn’t get that at many other places! The support was really good from the careers team, too. I used HELMS and had the same learning mentor for, pretty much, the whole time I was there. She helped me to structure my work and reference it, which I don’t know what I would have done without. I would absolutely recommend to new students to just come and speak to someone that can help with what you are struggling with. The tutors know their stuff! The resources were also fantastic; I could come in to study and revise when I needed some peace and quiet away from home. I’m so glad I came to do my degree!”

My Next Move...

“Originally, I thought I wanted to work from home. But everything changes, and that’s one thing you need to be prepared for when you start university. Your plans and aspirations change. A lot of people on my course had never done finance before. I did Maths A-Level, so I was helping the others in the class. They were all telling me how good I was at showing them what to do, so now I’ve decided to go on to try teaching! I’m really excited, and it’s been so nice to do something for me.”

My Opportunities

“Whilst studying for my degree, I volunteered here in the Finance department for two years, doing one day a week to gain experience and knowledge that I could use to help me in my studying. I also do book-keeping for two people, including their VAT returns.”


"I genuinely think that it would be difficult to find somewhere else that would accommodate your availability as well as they do here."