Alicja Luberda

Studied BA Hons Management at B&FC • Adult Learner/Career Change (Age: 33) / Graduated July 2019

My Story

“I wanted to come to B&FC because it was, not only my first choice of where I wanted to study, but also closest to home. I wanted to do a course that fit in with my life and my son, and this one did that.”


“I enjoyed everything about my course and would definitely say I’d recommend it to other people. I studied 2 days a week for my first two years, but only on a Monday in my final year, which fit well with my life because I could look after my son and also do my independent studies in my home environment for the rest of the week. The tutors were very supportive if you had problems or needed advice, and HELMS were brilliant for me to hand in my work for them to check before officially giving it in. This was especially good for me because English is not my first language and I sometimes made silly mistakes. The small classes of around 15-20 people were ideal and made the environment nicer. I would definitely say that if you work hard, you are rewarded, and that no matter what you think, you can do it at any age. It isn’t a question of whether it was a good decision to come here, I have no doubts.”

My Next Move...

“I’ve decided I want to do a Masters degree at Lancaster University, specifically in strategy, which the staff at the college have helped me to find. I’m not too sure what I want to do further in the future yet, but after I have done my Masters I think I’ll have a clearer idea.”

My Opportunities

“I was lucky enough to get a placement in my second year of the course for around 100 hours or so, which gave me more experience and knowledge about the field of management in the real world.”


"If you work hard, you are rewarded, and no matter what you think, you can do it at any age."