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B&FC lecturer’s exhibition explores national identity

Published on 29/03/2017 by pfi

A B&FC lecturer is exhibiting at a gallery in Manchester with a timely reflection on national identity as the government prepares to trigger the Brexit process.

Tracey Eastham, Senior Lecturer in Creative Arts Higher Education at B&FC, is displaying her cut paper work at PAPER Gallery until Saturday.

Her exhibition is entitled Babel and explores the idea of nationhood and cultural identity through the story of the Tower of Babel.

According to the Biblical tale, God punished humanity for its pride after mankind attempted to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven.

To suppress their ambition, he confounded their shared language with the confusion of tongues – separating them from one another into different cultures. Tracey said:

“I am very excited about the exhibition and it has been very well received so far.

“I teach critical theory and art history as part of my role at B&FC, which gives students transferrable skills which can help them be successful in a range of careers.

“The College encourages staff to continue working in the chosen field, alongside teaching, so they are able to speak to students about current industry position, as well as more traditional textbook learning.”

The Babel exhibition is made up of three large-scale wall pieces, a one-off artist book creation and several other new works – including Tracey’s most ambitious cut out assemblage to date.

While expanding Tracey’s exploration of national identity to a more universal scale, the exhibition also poses timely questions concerning humanity’s contrasting basic impulses towards cohesion and separation, belonging and individualism, difference and unity.

B&FC offers more than 60 degrees accredited by long-standing partner Lancaster University, which is ranked in the top 10 of universities in the UK, including Fine Art Professional Practice BA Hons.

Babel ends this Saturday at PAPER Gallery on Mirabel Street, Manchester. For more information go to paper-gallery.co.uk

Bell jar containing one of Tracey's pieces