6 reasons to study Computing and Digital Technologies at B&FC

Published on 20/12/2019 by DTHACK

We'll show you why Level 3 Computing and Digital Technologies courses are the smart option for young people wanting fast-moving and exciting careers.
  • Fight cybercrime.
  • Build the next Minecraft.
  • Grow your network in our new labs
  • Train for a job market with 25,000 vacancies and average salaries of nearly £28,000.

Welcome to an exciting future - that starts with a Computing and Digital Technologies course here at B&FC.

Here are 6 reasons why B&FC is the perfect place to code your future:

  1. Total flexibility in getting started
  2. The future’s bright. The future's tangerine...
  3. Experience your future with a work placement
  4. Learn from the best
  5. Somewhere to grow
  6. Feed your competitive side

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4 ways to take the next step and get ready for a fantastic career:

 Total flexibility in getting started

School leaver courses

Determined to enjoy a prosperous and fast-moving career?

There are few better subjects to study than Computing and Digital Technologies.

Chances are you’ll have studied iMedia at school. Computing and Digital Technologies courses at B&FC will take you in a totally different direction, building on your skills and opening your eyes to the knowledge and experience you’ll need to forge a successful career in the digital and technology sectors.

But don’t worry if you haven’t studied computing at school. You can start from scratch here at B&FC.

You’ll quickly learn the basics and be coding and creating your own software projects in no time.

Which course works for you?

Our Level 3 Triple Diploma is perfect for students who are on track to achieve at least 5 GCSEs and have a keen interest in technology.

If you’re not ready to commit to a course that’s all about computing, consider a Level 3 Combined Diploma. On this course you'll choose another subject alongside honing your technology talents.

Other subjects you can study on a Combined Diploma include:

  • Animal Science
  • Applied Science
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Graphics and Digital Design
  • Health and Medical Professions
  • Photography
  • Public Services
  • Sport

Want a guaranteed industry placement as part of your qualification? T Levels are studied five days a week, with 80% of your time in the classroom and the other 20% in the workplace getting real on-the-job experience.

Each T Level is made up of:

  • Core industry skills and knowledge
  • Specialist skills and knowledge relevant to your chosen career
  • a 315-hour industry placement with an employer
  • relevant maths, English and digital skills

 The future’s bright. The future's tangerine...

Heard of the North Atlantic Loop?

It's a huge subsea fibre optic cable network. And has already landed in Blackpool.

Once live, the Loop will make it faster to transmit data to New York from here than London.

From a business perspective that's a huge boost.

Cloud-based networks, internet service providers, data centres, IT companies and global media outlets all need the fastest access to global data.

Which means Blackpool is bracing itself for lots of interest from influential, data-hungry organisations seeking a competitive edge.

Blackpool is also one of the first towns in the UK to be getting 5G coverage

Even closer to home, here at B&FC, we've invested in the biggest CISCO networking labs in any UK educational environment.

You can see where the future is. Right here.

 Experience your future with a work placement

An important part of your studies is putting what you have learned into practice.

As well as setting your own targets you’ll get to work on real-life projects.

And we’ll support you to find a work placement so you can get a sneak peek at your future career.

"During the course I have managed to find two work placements and worked them concurrently.

"Both of those were set up through connections provided by B&FC and both turned into paid positions; they also rewarded me with valuable industry experience and allowed me to jump-start my career massively.

"I would not have acquired my current position without this experience."

Damian Pokorski
Foundation Degree/BSc (Hons) Software Engineering and Games Development

 Learn from the best

Our friendly and industry-certified tutors have worked in a range of different tech companies and spend time every year renewing their knowledge with time in industry.

We also do a lot of research in cutting-edge technology and work alongside professional bodies (BCS) to make sure our curriculum is what employers need.

You can be sure you’re getting the inside track on what it takes to succeed in Computing and Digital Technologies.

Find out more about our expert tutors who could be teaching you this September.

And we’ll also be welcoming guest tutors from across the world of technology to come and tell you their stories.

There’s never a dull moment in Computing and Digital Technologies.

"Throughout my time here, the tutors were amazingly helpful to me; I began to see them more as friends than just tutors.

"Surrounding myself with like-minded students also allowed me to lose a lot of my social anxiety and I felt part of something."

Craig Taylor
Level 3, Foundation Degree and BSc

 Somewhere to grow

Once you’ve completed your Level 3 Computing and Digital Technologies course, you can hone your craft and specialise in all kinds of different areas with a degree-level qualification at B&FC’s University Centre.

We’ve made a big investment over at University Centre in our dedicated development studio – the ideal place to collaborate on your coding projects – and net labs, where you’ll find the very latest networking gear.

Data science? Internet of Things? Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR)? Networking? There are lots of topics driving your computing degree

Higher education has been the breeding ground for loads of graduates who have gone on to amazing things.

Many have stayed local – where there are lots of opportunities to make your mark as Blackpool increasingly becomes recognised for its thriving tech community.

Here’s just a handful of our winning alumni:

  • Lorna Parry - Games engine programmer at Rare, an Xbox game studio
  • Nicola Moorhouse - ASP.net developer at Beaverbrook’s
  • Stephen Smith – PHP developer at Bowker BMW
  • Robert Sims – PhD Computing student at Lancaster University
  • Ryan Noon – Senior web developer at Soap Media
  • Michael Carruthers - PHP developer at Bleech in Germany
  • Giles Hellon – Operations manager at PinPoint Media
  • Kyle Minto – Web developer at ICG
  • Hollie O’Reily – Marketing assistant at Viddyoze
  • Declan Tate – Social media manager and graphic designer at Springfield’s Gift Superstore

Read about more of our outstanding graduates here:

"The assistance with assignments is excellent, with learning mentors available to offer support and numerous resources available in college or online.

"I’ve learnt so many news skills that will benefit me in the workplace."

Declan Tate (Foundation Degree/BSc (Hons) Interactive Media Development)

 Feed your competitive side

eSports is big business these days.

B&FC has its own eSports team competing nationally.

Gears of War. War Thunder. World of Tanks. World of Warcraft.

Whatever you’re playing these days, chances are there’s an opportunity to get your game on at B&FC.