Beyond COVID-19: skills critical to your business' success

Published on 20/10/2020 by DTHACK

Data analytics, project management and training for the accidental manager are three of the most vital areas for workforce development as organisations ready themselves for our future beyond the pandemic.

That's the verdict of commercial forecasters at Blackpool and The Fylde College. The B&FC for Business team works with thousands of business partners across the UK to identify skill gaps and opportunities to build stronger organisations through workforce development.

"Data analytics show you how far you've come and provide a good estimate of where you're going," said Sarah Hall, head of business development with B&FC for Business.

"Project management is an invaluable skill for anyone. As times change, planning to change direction - and executing on those plans - will find those with even a basic understanding of project management at the heart of the action.

"And we're increasingly finding employees suddenly moved into people management occupations as businesses evolve. If you've never led others in a professional sense, the demands upon you will be radically different to anything you've experienced. Gaining a thorough understanding of the wide range of soft skills - focusing on emotional intelligence and empathy - are as important as goalsetting and keeping your direct reports on track."

These areas of growth are not only valuable for organisations. Those seeking to develop their careers in different areas and seek new opportunities will find themselves in demand if they focus today on a solid grounding across all three disciplines.

"Employers more than ever are seeking those with transferable skills. As workforces shrink and grow, those with proven capabilities across project management, leadership and data analytics will find themselves at the front of the queue for rewarding employment."

Blackpool and The Fylde College offers a wide range of training packages focused on project management, data analytics and courses for the accidental manager. The College also provides bespoke courses geared towards those businesses with specific needs - focused on professional and technical development.

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