Student heroes on the frontline fighting COVID-19

Published on 14/04/2020 by DTHACK

B&FC students and alumni are helping the town fight back from the coronavirus pandemic.

Olivia Smith and Olivia Fleetwood, who completed B&FC’s Medical Professions NHS Cadetship course in 2015, are being appointed ‘aspirant nurses’ to help hospital colleagues treat patients suffering from the disease.

The heroic duo will work full-time while completing their Adult Nursing degrees, and are set to graduate with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) later this year.

While caring for COVID-19 patients, Olivia and Olivia have moved out of their family homes to protect loved ones.

B&FC senior tutor Anna Turner said: "I'm extremely proud of these young ladies.

"The journey they have taken to support our community in fighting this virus, and sacrifices they continue to make in protecting others, is astounding.”

Learn more about B&FC’s Medical Professions NHS Cadetship - Level 3 course.

Rigorous introduction to healthcare: B&FC's Medical Professions NHS Cadetship

Anna explained: "The Medical Professions NHS Cadetship provides students with a deep insight into ward and health care settings.

“Learners carry out work placements in domiciliary care services, and on hospital wards including specialist areas such as cardio, paediatric, maternity, and accident and emergency (A&E).

"Students shadow experienced staff, gaining vital experience of the health care sector and putting practical skills and knowledge into practice - from person-centred care, the importance of handwashing following correct procedure, and wearing the correct PPE recognising how this can prevent the spread of infection.

"Units taught in college including Meeting Individual Care Needs and Infection, and Prevention and Control, were essential in equipping Olivia and Olivia with the foundational knowledge to support them through their degree and working careers."

B&FC has lots of current students playing crucial roles in helping the country bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic.

"We have students currently at work across the health care sector, working in care homes and supporting residents through this difficult time," said Anna.

"Their work is especially valued when there are no visitors allowed and service users are confused as to why their relatives are unable to visit."

Pictured above: Olivia Smith, left, and Olivia Fleetwood, B&FC graduates on the frontline fighting COVID-19.