Lancashire Energy HQ students visit Heysham Power Station

Published on 11/12/2017 by pfi

Students from Blackpool and The Fylde College’s Lancashire Energy HQ were given the opportunity to see energy in action during a visit to Heysham Nuclear Power Station.

The Renewable Energy Engineering students were shown around Heysham 2 to help them understand how the theory they have learnt in the classroom is put into practice.

Representatives from EDF Energy spoke to the students about how electricity is generated using nuclear energy and how various engineering and construction disciplines work together to build, maintain and run a facility as complex as a power station.

The team also highlighted the importance of getting the right qualifications while at college and what sort of jobs and further training opportunities are available.

David Underdown, who is studying Renewable Energy Engineering at the new Lancashire Energy HQ, said:

“We really enjoyed the visit and were really impressed with the facility. It certainly gave me a good insight into some of the job options I can pursue once I complete my course.”

During their tour of Heysham 2, the students were shown the nuclear reactor and the massive steam turbines used to generate enough low carbon electricity to power two million homes.

Iftikhar Bokhari, Curriculum Leader in Renewable Energy Engineering at B&FC, said:

“We are committed to helping students to better understand that what they learn in the classroom has a real application in industry.

“Visits like these also allow them to explore opportunities for their future development. The College continues to maintain working relationships with industry partners, such as EDF Energy, to offer our students the best options for the future.”

Mandy Pritchard, Head of Lancashire Energy HQ, added:

“We firmly believe students should get out of the classroom and see how what they have learnt is put into action. In fact, one of our key targets is ensuring students do meaningful work placements in industry as part of their programmes.

“I know our students got a lot out of this visit and we’re currently looking at other energy sectors they can spend time in to get a picture of how the theory they are learning works in the real world.”

John Munro, station director at Heysham 2, said he hoped the visit also gave students a better insight into future career opportunities in the industry.  He added:

“It was great to see the students out on the plant seeing what we do here at the power station.

“Since opening the Visitor Centre in 2013 we have seen around 20,000 people coming through our doors, many looking at potential career opportunities at the two stations.

“Hopefully some of those students from Blackpool and The Fylde College will be applying to join our apprenticeship scheme in the autumn.”

The new Blackpool and The Fylde College £10.7m Lancashire Energy HQ opened in September on the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone.

Students from Blackpool and The Fylde College’s Lancashire Energy HQ on the tour of Heysham Power Station
Students from Blackpool and The Fylde College’s Lancashire Energy HQ on the tour of Heysham Power Station