B&FC celebrates Love Our Colleges week

Published on 10/10/2019 by DTHACK

Blackpool and The Fylde College is proud to be part of Love Our Colleges, an annual celebration of educational institutions' positive impact on the wider community.

B&FC is proud to be part of Love Our Colleges, an annual celebration of educational institutions' positive impact on the wider community.

B&FC delivers a huge range of courses and training to help strengthen the local community and give its people every opportunity to thrive in their careers of today and tomorrow.

Higher education student Matt Morton said: "College has been a place of growth for me, a source of positive change that has left me better equipped to go out there and get a job that not only pays the bills but that I have a passion for. The same passion that all the staff at B&FC have for their jobs and the same passion they bring into the classroom.

"So this week for me is a way to show my support for what the college does as a whole and to be thankful for all that it has done for me.  

"College has been an important part of my life for a few years now. 

"Coming back to education later in life has been hard but I’ve been lucky to have some of the most amazing staff to help and support me during my time at Blackpool and the Fylde."

Among B&FC activities planned for Love Our Colleges week is an extra-special musical surprise for students at the College's Bispham Campus, where the majority of further education courses are delivered.

Across the UK college landscape:

  • More than 1.4 million adults have committed to positive change through studying or training
  • 685,000 young people are readying for bright futures through further education study
  • 116,000 colleagues are hard at work making institutions like B&FC an inspiring place to learn

B&FC provides its 1,200 business partners with training solutions - many of which are designed with the commercial organisations to provide tailored and practical education addressing challenges and helping them prepare for growth.

It's an exciting time for B&FC, one of only 16 colleges in the UK to be chosen for delivering the first three T Levels from September 2020. T Levels are technical qualifications providing students with a 45-day industrial placement - and businesses with budding future leaders with skills for the future.

Simon Hughes, Vice Principal Quality and Curriculum at B&FC, said: "Colleges Week is a fantastic national initiative and provides an additional platform to showcase all the positive work that B&FC does to ensure our students have the best possible experience and our employer partners get the highly skilled workforce they require.

"It’s wonderful to hear all the comments from students who have been inspired to go on to achieve great things during their time here. But it’s equally fantastic to hear the positive experiences employers have had of working in partnership with us.

"As the anchor educational institution on the Fylde Coast and the largest college in Lancashire, B&FC is a major part of our community. Not only do we provide high-quality education and training to provide a highly skilled workforce for industry, our students and staff are also involved in a very wide range of community projects which not only add value to their own development, but contribute to improving our society.”