Media students’ paranormal film project at Lytham Hall

Published on 10/04/2017 by pfi

B&FC Media students had a spooktacular time filming at Lytham Hall.

The project saw Level 2 Dip Creative Cultural Media students spend a day filming at the historic Georgian Grade 1 listed building to create a paranormal documentary.

They interviewed house guides and ground staff and were shown around by Marion Coupe, Chairman of the Lytham St Annes Civic Society, who pointed out some of the property’s hidden secrets – including ritual burn marks.

Level 2 Course Leader Helen Jones volunteers at the hall and organised the day of filming. She said:

“The students found some of the stories about ghosts at Lytham Hall fascinating and creating a paranormal documentary was something they were really excited about.

“I wanted to combine my love of the property with my love of teaching and it has worked out so well. It is wonderful to work in such a great team where we have so many professional colleagues to support our students.”

Marion Coupe added: “There is a secret history beneath the modern plaster at Lytham Hall. We have found only a few signs of the superstition which existed in medieval times.

“Ritual burn marks were deliberate and took about five minutes to create with a candle. They were perhaps to ward off evil spirits or were seen as a protection against fire.”

The location shoot saw 16 students work with local short filmmaker Brad James, with B&FC Specialist Practitioner Andrew Davies also on hand to assist. Andrew is an experienced industry professional who now teaches location shooting and showed tutors and students techniques a film crew would use.

Since the day of filming, the students have been working hard on editing the film together and reflecting on the lessons they learnt on set.

Bethanie Cook, 17, Blackpool, said: "It was really useful learning about cameras, lighting and sound. I did some of the camera work and background to make sure the shots looked good. It was a great; I love the paranormal so it was really interesting for me."

Liam Quinn, 17, also from Blackpool, added: "It was a great day. I wish I had experienced something ghostly but I didn’t. One member of staff said they felt something unusual.”

B&FC offers Media Production from Level 2 all the way to a BA (Hons) Digital Production and Film Making degree.

The Level 2 class varies in age range and younger students also learnt how to work in a team with older colleagues.

B&FC’s aim is always to give students experiences which reflect real-world industry practice. Graduating students from media production programmes have progressed to specialist film schools such as the London MET and into industry.

Marianne Blaauboer, Activity Coordinator at Lytham Hall, said:

“We were delighted to see such enthusiasm and appreciation for the hall displayed by the students.

“Without such community support and awareness, heritage gems like ours would have a dim future.”

Shooting taking place at Lytham Hall
Shooting taking place at Lytham Hall
B&FC Specialist Practitioner Andrew Davies on set
B&FC Specialist Practitioner Andrew Davies on set