Helping you through the remote working revolution

Published on 01/02/2021 by DTHACK

Still adapting to the challenges of working through lockdown? Join B&FC for a webinar removing the pain from the remote working revolution.

It can be difficult adapting employees to a new way of working. Lockdown has forced upon us a revolution in how we do business.

Many organisations hadn’t had the chance to experiment before national lockdowns with technology powering remote working.

That’s where B&FC comes in. We’ve been supporting employers across the region with personalised training across many of the most popular remote working applications.

Adapting to the new norm

Julie Maykels from manufacturing and engineering company NIS explained how B&FC provided important support for colleagues ready to embrace this new way of working.

"’When COVID hit we were a company who had not been set up to allow all our employees to work effectively from home, some of our employees struggled with the technology and using some of the software to support homeworking," said Julie.

"We contacted the college to see if they could offer any remote 'Teams' training to support the business. B&FC was quick to put something bespoke together for us. They also recorded the sessions so we could use them as refreshers.

"This has really helped the business to communicate effectively both internally and with our clients."

"These short courses were delivered in a way that made sense in the business world (not just theory) and we have seen employees use this new found skill and knowledge to support business productivity it has also given some the confidence to seek out additional training to support their own development and also the development of the business.’’

Revisiting your remote working strategy

Carol Holden OBE, of the Northern Automotive Alliance, appreciated the format of training sessions – and is now revisiting how the company approaches remote working technology.

"I attended the Teams webinar and found it very useful.  I’m a relatively new user and it certainly helped me with a range of tips," said Carol.

"I am now looking at our own companies’ strategy as to how we use Teams.  Up to now we have solely used it as a video communication tool, we are now starting to use it on several projects where we collaborate with external parties.

"I can recommend it as an hour well spent to upskill colleagues and improve productivity."

Everything under one roof

Tony Hayden of Child Action Northwest attended the Microsoft Teams webinar and was impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the training provider.

"The important thing that I took from the session was to have a vision of what you want the end product to look like, who you should and should not have access to content," said Tony.

"I like the way Teams brings together data from other Microsoft products into that one application."

How B&FC can help your business through the remote working revolution

To find more about the training provided by B&FC to support businesses through the remote working revolution, email

Shown below: Julie Maykels from NIS talking about the impact of apprenticeships on the business. Celebrate with B&FC National Apprenticeships Week 2021 - from 8 to 14 February.