Art of readying students for further education

Published on 01/02/2021 by DTHACK

Blackpool and The Fylde College has launched a unique arts community for schoolteachers supporting the success of students as they get ready to make the move to further education.

Tutors from the college's Blackpool School of Arts on Park Road are delivering weekly sessions covering art and design, photography, graphics and media.

The project has been so successful it's expanded to performance and music.

The college is not only providing teachers with ideas and inspiration - it's also hosting bite-sized video classes providing students with a taste of what to expect as part of their future studies.

Jon Cartmell of Blackpool's South Shore Academy said: "The videos that Andy is sharing with us has further developed an area of expertise (photography) that we don't currently have in school.

"They are now available to students to help improve the quality of photography supporting their GCSE outcomes."

Andrew Walker, curriculum manager for photography and fine art at Blackpool and The Fylde College, said: "It's more challenging than ever preparing students for further education - teachers already have more than enough on their plates delivering the curriculum.

"Blackpool School of Arts is simply providing a helping hand to give both teachers and their students a meaningful glimpse into course options - and in doing so, we're all working together in a purposeful, inspired way."

To get your school involved and students ready for further education in art, design, photography, performance, media and music, contact Blackpool School of Arts' Andrew Walker at

Video below: Blackpool School of Arts' Andrew Walker delivering a bite-size class on colour theory for secondary school students.