11-minute workout to wellbeing

Published on 01/02/2021 by DTHACK

No matter how busy your day, it's important you find time for exercise. That's why B&FC has launched an 11-minute fitness workout that's scientifically proven to give your body a boost.

The total body fitness routine made its debut in the New York Times.

And B&FC's fitness expert Ross Powell was on hand to show us how it's done.

B&FC's director for students Nigel Brown explained: "Exercise can make a huge difference to our mental health.

"With gyms and exercise classes unavailable during lockdown, we wanted to bring a fitness routine to the homes of our students and staff.

"This is a workout that's short, so it can fit into anyone's day - and delivers great results.

"Wellbeing is the number one priority for the College and this is just one example of a huge range of support services we're providing to our community to help get everyone through lockdown and fit for the future."

The workout video was filmed by Andrew Robinson and strictly followed social distancing guidelines.