My B&FC: Molly Grennell Walker

Molly is a student on the Digital Production, Design and Development T Level.

Molly is one of the first students on this course, and is loving learning ‘how everything works’.

“I chose this course because I want to be a game developer and I definitely think it will give me the skills I need," she said.

"With A Levels, you’re learning completely different subjects whereas with a T Level all the subjects relate to each other.

“And the facilities are amazing.” 

Here's the full Q&A...

Why this course?

I’ve always been interested in Computer Science - I love coding stuff! I’m quite a big gamer and I’ve just always been interested in how everything works and how you actually create games behind the scenes.

Do you think the T Level is better than doing A Levels?

Yes, because with A Levels you’re learning three completely different things that aren't related to each other in any way… whereas in this T Level all the subjects relate to each other.

What are you enjoying about it?

I’m enjoying the programming and learning how everything works in the physical part – like the hardware and everything.

What’s the mix of theory and practical work like?

We do quite a bit of practical stuff. When we’re in College physically we do a lot of programming and then we learn how to create machines too (like how to build a PC or a server). It’s a good mix.

What about work experience – will you be starting your industry placement at some point?

Yes, but it will happen towards the end of the course because of the coronavirus.

What about the future – have you got a dream job?

Well, because I play a lot of games, my personal dream job that I’ve had forever is being a games developer but I have no idea what side of it I! 

Do you think this course will give you the skills that you need for the future?

Absolutely. They help you to build your confidence and help you with presentations and preparation for job interviews - yes, I think it definitely will.

What are the College’s equipment/resources like?

They’re amazing. They’ve offered us lots of free resources and if you need help out of College they’ve always offered to give us stuff, for example one of my friends doesn’t have a laptop or PC at home so they’ve offered to support him - it’s really good.

What advice would you give to a Year 11 thinking about doing this course?

Follow your own path – don’t let anybody else tell you what to do!