My B&FC: Marvyn Atkinson

Marvyn completes his BEng Mechatronics degree with B&FC in 2021.

He started his degree at 34, while working as a signal and telecommunications technician.

Always ambitious - Marvyn successfully completed an apprenticeship some years earlier - he took on the degree to gain academic experience in his field.

Since starting the course Marvyn has been twice promoted: first to team leader and, most recently, to Performance and Assurance Engineer.

He works for Network Rail Lancashire & Cumbria.

Why did you choose this course?

I work in an electrical engineering environment and wanted to improve my knowledge of how electronic and electrical system work

Why did you choose B&FC?

I visited the open day and was impressed with the facilities and pass rate.

The college is also close by and easy to get to. if i would have gone to Lancaster the commute time would have been too much.

What was your favourite part of the course?

There was no one factor really. i enjoyed the knowledge i gained, the confidence it gave me with my job and the other students and tutor

What one piece of advice would you give to students considering a degree-level course?

To find out exactly what subjects your course contains, and brush up on any topic in which you feel less confident.

I was way behind on the level my Math was at and ended up playing catch up.

If I'd have took the time to brush up on my skills before I would have gotten even more from the course and less stressful at times. 

The other thing I'd recommend is go to an open day and sign up.

Through this course my career has taken a different path and my aspirations have completely changed.

I've had two promotions since starting the degree and from being content to work on the tools, I've gone on to a management-style role

What are your longer term career ambitions?

My job involves ensuring managers and staff are complying to the safety procedures when planning safe systems of work on the railway infrastructure.

Helping them eliminate any sites where track workers have to work without signal controlled protection.

The course has given me the skills to find and present solution professional.

My electrical knowledge means I can interpret circuit diagrams and relay technical information correctly.