My B&FC: Kyle Willets

Former St Georges student Kyle loves computer games and chose the Digital Production, Design and Development T Level as a route into game development.

Why did you choose Computing?

I ended up choosing it because ever since Year 10 I’ve wanted to go more down the route of Computer Science because it’s something that’s really interested me, especially game development because that’s basically what I do in my spare time!

How did you hear about the T Level course?

I found out about it during an open event at the start of Year 11 and I’ve wanted to do it ever since.

Why the T Level not A Levels – what made it so attractive?

I think the fact that it was new, at first. That, and it seemed to encompass everything about computer science so I thought it would be really useful, because it means I’ve got pretty much everything I need to go to whatever area of computer science that I want.

Did the fact it’s more industry-focused persuade you in any way?

Yes. One of the big things about the T Level is that you’re going to be given an industry placement at some level – just over 400 hours on an industry placement.

What’s the learning like?

It’s good. If it’s something you’ve already covered before they’ll give you things to widen your knowledge and if it’s something you’ve not done before, they’re willing to help you out. 

Programming is a good example because our tutor asked us if we wanted to start over or if we wanted to start from where we’re comfortable with and I think all of us just wanted to start over.

What do you like most about the course?

You’ve got different areas of computer science… you’ve got all the ethics behind it, you’ve got actually setting up networks (physical and logical), you’ve got the programming and obviously you’ve got the placement session, which will help you find the industry for any and all of those. It doesn’t feel overwhelming either.

How helpful are the tutors?

Very – they’ve got lots of time for you. 

Has the course changed you at all?

I’m definitely a lot more confident!