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Modular Acceleration Programme

Want to dip your toe in the water when it comes to degree-level study but don’t want it to cost you a penny?

Then the MAP could be for you!

The Modular Acceleration Programme (or MAP for short) consists of discreet Level 4 and 5 modules which, when put together, add up to an existing higher technical qualification. Each module has a credit value associated with it (typically 30 or 40 credits) which contributes to an overall total. You gain the full qualification once you reach a specific number of credits.

The beauty is that you can build up over time, choosing only the modules that directly benefit you. It means that you can study more flexibly too, applying the skills you learn to the workplace as you acquire them.

What can I study?

MAP funded modules are available in a range of occupational areas. At B&FC, we are initially offering the following modules:

Safeguarding and Challenging Inequalities in Early Years - Level 4 University Certificate of Credit

23 weeks, start 16 September Mon-Tue, 6pm - 8pm 

Network Fundamentals - Level 4 University Certificate of Credit

23 weeks, start 16 September Mon or Thu, 6pm - 9pm

Who can apply?

Anyone looking to retrain in a new career or upskill to enhance their career prospects in their current job can apply if they:

  • Are aged between 19-60
  • Live in England
  • Live outside England but work in England (some further conditions may apply so check eligibility with the provider).

What are the benefits of MAP?

Some of the benefits of the programme for learners include:

  • free tuition fees, with nothing for the student to pay - tuition fees will be paid for by a grant given directly to the education provider
  • the opportunity to complete a module of a HTQ free of charge and without committing to the full course
  • the ability to build credits towards a full HTQ 
  • the opportunity to gain qualifications and skills to support a chosen career path or business
  • flexible delivery – shorter, more flexible courses to fit around work, childcare or caring responsibilities

How are MAP modules funded?

MAP modules have no upfront tuition fees, but accessing MAP funding will reduce the amount of Lifelong Leaning Entitlement (LLE) funding you’ll get once LLE is launched in 2025. 

LLE in England will offer adults up to the age of 60 access to a Government loan covering the costs for the equivalent of four years of post-18 study, which can be used flexibly throughout their lifetime.

Want to know more?

Join us at our next Open Event or call our friendly Course Enquiries team on 01253 504343