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We're now enrolling until 29 October so even if you've missed the start date for your course, you can still join us and catch up on anything you've missed by the end of term.


It's not too late... start a degree

Study after study shows that graduates earn more than their non-graduate counterparts so if you want to improve your prospects and give your family a better quality of life, doing a degree-level qualification could be the best decision you've ever made. 

We currently have places available in:

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Health and Social Care
  • Computing
  • Business and Finance

And more. For a full list of courses, click on the link opposite.


... to start an adult course

If you're not ready for degree-level study just yet and would like to get a few more qualifications under your belt before you think about going further, we have a host of adult courses that you can begin right away.

Starting with the basics like English, Maths and Digital Skills and going all the way up to Level 3 Access to HE, you're sure to find a course that could be the springboard to a bright, new future. For a full list of all the adult courses you can sign up to straightaway, just visit our dedicated Adult Course Search.


.... to start a 16- 18 course

Maybe you're discovering that A levels aren't for you or you've started a job that isn't working out as you'd hoped. If that's the case, then there's still time to switch to a diploma or T level with us. We offer courses in every subject area from automotive to travel and tourism so there's sure to be something that sparks your interest.

If you want some help choosing a course with the potential to lead to your dream career, simply call our Course Enquiries Team on 01253 504343, have details of the qualifications you already have to hand and they'll be able to advise you on all the options. 


... to get the finances sorted

Whilst we firmly believe studying for an adult course or degree is a sound investment, we appreciate you might be worried about the money side of things. The good news is that there is plenty of financial support available and it could even be the case that you can study one of our adult courses for free if you meet certain eligibility criteria .

Whether you sign up to an adult or degree-level course, there's some funding that you don't have to pay back no matter how much you earn in the future. Even the stuff you do need to repay only kicks in when you start earning £25k or more so studying at B&FC is probably a lot more affordable that you think. You'll also find that many of our students manage to combine work and study as timetables tend to be flexible with attendance from just one day a week.

You can read all about the support options available on either our HE Financial Support Page or our Adult Finance Page.

Apply now. Start now.

You can either apply online or give us a call on 01253 504343.

Graduates earning more...

  • Luke Hollowell

    "My salary has more or less doubled. I’ve gone from earning £17K to over £34K since graduating!”

  • Grace Mcloughlin

    "I got a bonus from my employer for getting a first class honours degree and a £7K uplift in my salary!”

  • David Waring

    "I started on £21K and will be earning around £35K on my grad scheme. That goes up to over £40K once I finish!”