Flying Start: settling in to your higher education studies

HELMs (Higher Education Learning Mentors) are here to help you to make the most of your student experience while developing the skills you need to thrive in your future career. 

If you missed the Flying Start online units in the summer, you’ll have another chance to complete some of them throughout September.

The units offer practical and inspiring online study resources and activities to help you settle in to your degree-level course.

How the units work

Each unit has its own Microsoft Teams channel.

You’ll be able to find resources and activities in the Files area of each channel, and read and complete these in your own time.

Each day, there will be a HELM available in the channel at 1pm for a group discussion about the topic.

You’ll be able to chat to other students and the HELMs, share tips and ask questions.

You can do this via the text boxes or your microphones/ cameras.

Sessions and dates

Each unit will be repeated each day for a week:

Introduction to higher education at B&FC

14 to 18 September

Start early with a successful approach to study by thinking about the skills you already use, and how you can apply these to your course.
Learn more about the kind of assessments you’ll be asked to do and how you can prepare for them.

Managing study and learning independently

21 to 25 September

This unit is for those who have recently completed a level 3 course at B&FC or elsewhere.

  • Access resources and discussions that will ensure you’ll be ready to bounce back from anything that comes your way whilst studying.
  • Explore different ways of managing your time and motivation to successfully balance your course with the other areas of your life.

Returning to study and learning independently

21 to 25 September

This unit is for those who have had a break from education.

  1. Join us to consider the best ways to manage a range of commitments as you study.
  2. We’ll help you to reflect on how your experiences and skills from your job or your personal life will be applied to your journey at B&FC. 

Using and understanding sources

28 September to 2 October

You’ll get to explore all sorts of sources of information on your subject area whilst you study.

Find out more about how to choose the right ones, and how to really get to grips with their content.

How to book

Please book using this link.

You’ll be added to the Teams channels for whichever units you select. Once you have been added, you’ll receive an email with a link inviting you to join the channel.

You can then access the resources and activities whenever you wish, and join the 1pm discussion on whichever day is best for you.

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