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After investing almost £1m in facilities and tools, Blackpool and The Fylde College is in a stronger position than ever to get you set for a rewarding construction career.

Our construction skills centre is now loaded with industry standard gear to make sure that when the times comes for you to hit the site, you've not only got all the training you need - but you've learned your trade on the same kit you'll be using on the job.

Career opportunities

There's a greater demand than ever before for skilled tradespeople. Both from major building companies conducting huge property construction projects, to homeowners seeking experts for complete renovations.

Look down any street and you'll find a building company busy transforming properties.

So if you're looking for a long-term career with great prospects, a job in construction could be perfect for you.

What's great about construction?

Here are nine reasons to consider construction for your career.

  1. Construction is fun, fast paced, challenging and a rewarding career! You will meet various people on all levels of businesses and with that come amazing opportunities.
  2. The construction industry is a vibrant, exciting industry and is currently increasing its demand for workers. You reap the rewards with competitive wages and flow of work.
  3. Working in construction is a very exciting and rewarding career to go into. You get to work with a great variety of people to create something that will benefit society.
  4. The construction sector is changing. The demands placed on our built environment, coupled with revolutions in digital technology and well-documented geo-political factors, will challenge the sector to improve at a great pace.
  5. The construction sector reaches every corner of the United Kingdom and touches each of our lives. It is fundamental to our economy as we invest in our future: building the homes we live in, the schools and hospitals we rely on, and the offices, factories, and transport and energy infrastructure that keep the wheels of industry turning.
  6. Digital skills underpin future of the construction industry.
  7. With an infrastructure pipeline representing more than £600bn of spend over the next decade, including at least £44 bn for housing. The pace of change, and the size of opportunity, demands a construction sector that is the best in the world.
  8. 30% of the UK construction workforce is estimated to retire in the next decade.
  9. The advent of the fourth industrial revolution sees society moving towards an era of technology being inexorably integrated into the way we live and work.

Which jobs are available?

There are lots and lots of different jobs available in construction. But here are a few for which you can train here at B&FC across the following three pathways:


  • Site manager
  • Surveyor
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Site engineer

Onsite construction

  • Plasterer
  • Bricklayer
  • Painter and decorator
  • Site carpenter
  • Architectural joiner

Building services engineering (BSE)

  • Plumbing and heating engineer
  • Electrician (electrotechnical engineer)

Which courses will get me there?

B&FC offers lots of construction courses. Check out our construction page for a list.

Leaving school?

We've got plenty of college courses to get you ready for your first job.

  • Looking to spend as much time as possible in our construction skills centre to get to grips with all the Want on-the-job training while learning your trade at college - and are thinking about specialising through higher education as a surveyor, engineer or architect? Take a look at our T Levels.
  • Alternatively, if you want to get stuck into a job right away, learning as you go, you might want to think about apprenticeships.

Ready for a new challenge?

If you're looking to retrain, then we've got loads of construction courses for over 19s.

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