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Examination Access Arrangements

What are exam access arrangements?

Exam access arrangements allow students who are unable to sit formal examinations under usual exam conditions (as a result of a long term learning difficulty, disability or medical condition) to have the same opportunities as other students.

Access arrangements are agreed before an exam and are designed to meet your individual needs to ensure that you are not disadvantaged because of any difficulties or disabilities.

Examples of exam access arrangements include:

  • Use of a reader
  • Use of a scribe
  • Use of a laptop
  • Use of a separate room
  • Use of assistive technologies and ergonomic devices such as an ergonomic mouse
  • Supervised rest breaks
  • Additional time allowance
  • Tinnitus sound therapy support
  • Use of low vision aids
  • Signed communication


How to obtain access arrangements

By discussing your needs with our support team, reasonable adjustments can be made. You will also need to produce evidence of your condition, such as a psychologist’s or specialist teacher’s report, medical evidence, a DSA Study Needs Assessment Report or a report by an accredited assessment body.

When you sign up for your course or throughout your time at College, speak to a member of Student Support and Wellbeing or your course tutor.

Please make contact as soon as possible as awarding bodies often require your arrangements to be in place many months before.

If you have a temporary disability, emergency arrangements can be considered at short notice.


Contact us

For more information, contact the Student Support and Wellbeing Team:

Call: 01253 504356